Russian anti-pedophile activist arrested in former Soviet colony of Kastrogonya

Maxim Martsinkevich, a.k.a. “Tesak” (Machete)

The former Soviet colony of  Kastrogonya (known as “Cuba” before 1959) has arrested a fugitive Russian anti-Putin activist described as “far right,” “anti-gay,” and “anti-pedophile.”

Why the so-called activist ever thought that he would escape arrest in Kastrogonya has yet to be fully explained.

Kastrogonya is no longer an outright colony of Russia, but it is still a dependent client state, likely to follow every demand made from Moscow.

And don’t think that this arrest has anything to do with enlightened Russian or Kastrogonyan views towards the LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, and Transgendered).

Back in the Motherland, Russian president Vladimir Putin recently angered the enlightened world by saying that gays could come to the Sochi Winter Olympics as long as they refrained from molesting children or seeking recruits for their “perversity.”

Ay!  Chalk up this arrest to Putin’s desire to silence all opponents and all  potential rivals in the Gogol Bare Chest Pageant, to be held in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, this June.  Chalk it up also to Kastrogonya’s desire to maintain its reputation as a haven for pedophiles, and to its abject dependence on its corrupt allies.


Fugitive Tesak Nabbed in Havana

From RIA Novosti:

MOSCOW, January 18 (RIA Novosti) – A Russian far right activist known for his violent campaign targeting alleged pedophiles has been arrested on Cuba on an international arrest warrant, Russian police said Saturday.

Russia was informed by Cuban police of the arrest of Maxim Martsinkevich through Interpol, the Russian Interior Ministry said in a statement.

More widely known under his nickname of Tesak, or machete, Martsinkevich was arrested in absentia by a Russian court last month on extremism charges.

Martsinkevich said during a January 8 interview that the criminal charges against him were orchestrated by Russia’s “pedo-lobby,” and that he did not intend to return to Russia, according to Russian tabloid Life News that has close links to the security services.

The details of Martsinkevich’s extradition were currently being finalized, Russia’s Investigative Committee said in a statement Saturday.

In a January 9 post on his website, Martsinkevich wrote that he had flown to Cuba from the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, via the German city of Frankfurt.

In 2011, Martsinkevich founded the Occupy Pedophile vigilante group, which lured men to abusive meetings with false promises of sex with minors. The encounters were recorded and then posted online.

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  1. At least the Tesak asshole has something to flaunt, but Putin is just pathetic–talk about delusions of hotness.

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