Castrogonia hosts “armed struggle” fest, celebrates the wonders of terrorism


…because nothing expresses righteousness more clearly than blowing up buses full of innocent people.

Yeah.  More of the same.  The despicable Castro regime has put the wordsmiths at its Ministry of Truth to work double-time.  Covering a conference full of terrorists requires the finest sort of Orwellian newspeak.

But no matter how they talk about it, they cannot hide the fact that they love the spilling of blood and would dance with joy if the USA were to be annihilated in a nuclear holocaust.

So, let’s ease up on those sanctions, European Union.  You too, mean-hearted President Obama.  Ease up on these poor lambs.


From The Middle East Monitor:

Commemorating Palestinian armed struggle in Cuba

During a political and cultural event organised by the Embassy of Palestine in Cuba and the Arab Union of Cuba, representatives of both organisations reiterated the importance of revolutionary struggle against colonialism and imperialism. The event commemorated the launch of Palestinian armed struggle against Israel in 1965, founded by Yasser Arafat through the establishment of Fatah.

According to reports by Prensa Latina and Radio Havana Cuba, Palestinian Ambassador to Cuba Akram Samhan endorsed the continuation of armed struggle for the liberation of Palestine and denounced the Western imperialist plunder of Arab countries. Samhan also referred to the UN proclamation of 2014 as the year of international solidarity with Palestinians, adding that more countries should clamour for Palestine’s full recognition at the international organisation.

Ziad Khalil Elnajar, the Secretary of Fatah in Cuba, spoke about the dignity embodied within revolutionary struggle, which “reaffirmed identity, the right to independence and self-determination”.

Secretary General of the Arab Union of Cuba, Juan Dufflar, emphasised Cuba’s “permanent, militant and irrevocable solidarity with the Palestinian cause”. Dufflar also advocated the right to Palestinian national identity “based on the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital based upon the 1967 borders”. The statement also called for the release of all Palestinian political prisoners, recognition of the Palestinian right of return, the immediate cessation of settlement building, targeted assassinations of Palestinian leaders, an end to “genocide attacks” and the suffering inflicted by the blockade on Gaza.

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