Justin Bieber a ‘True Belieber’: Imploding pop star jets off to communist Cuba’s slave plantation

According to a photograph he posted on social media, Canadian pop star and human train wreck Justin Bieber took some time off in communist Cuba. This visit to the most repressive and murderous dictatorship in the Western Hemisphere where 11-million people are enslaved by an apartheid dictatorship seems par for the course for this imploding celebrity. Far from his days as a teen heartthrob, Bieber is now more known for his asinine public behavior than anything else, including just being arrested in Miami early this morning for DUI.

Nevertheless, Justin can now add communist “True Belieber” to his resume along with the DUI.

Via the Toronto Sun:

Justin Bieber jets to Cuba for vacation


Teenage pop star Justin Bieber has courted controversy again this week after publishing a picture of himself smoking a cigar in Cuba.

The Baby singer has flown to the Caribbean country for a break just days after he reportedly blew $75,000 during a night out at a strip club in Miami, Florida.

On Wednesday, Bieber posted a picture of himself puffing on a cigar in Cuba on his Instagram.com page with the caption, “I’m in Cuba I love Cubans.”

As a Canadian, Bieber is allowed to travel to Cuba, but the snaps have infuriated American fans who have lashed out at the star on social networking websites.

Beyonce and Jay Z previously came under fire for jetting off for a vacation in Cuba last year as the U.S. government bans citizens from travelling to the Communist country for tourism purposes. It subsequently emerged the stars had been awarded travel permission for academic and cultural purposes.



7 thoughts on “Justin Bieber a ‘True Belieber’: Imploding pop star jets off to communist Cuba’s slave plantation

  1. He’s pathetic, and his Cuba stunt is lame, albeit far less objectionable than most. Besides, he’s Canadian–he’s bound to see Cuba as a playground.

  2. Bieber trying to pass for a “homie” is like really vulgar rich women who go to the opera to show off their bling and wind up coming across like a bad joke. I don’t know whom he thinks he’s kidding, but he needs to buy a clue.

  3. I am not a Bieber fan (too old), and I don’t say that his actions are ok in going to Cuba. We are blasting him but he is ignorant! Igonorant to make good life decisions, so how can we excpect him to make good political decisions? Obviously this kid is off the right track with all of the trouble and bad decisions he is making! It bothers me that people go to Cuba to vacation as if they are watching the savage natives while their tour guides keep them safe in the bushes of the jungle while taking pictures. What also bothers me even more is that our own people go to Cuba and vacation there as well, knowing that they had to leave their own country and give up everything in order to do so.

  4. so, me, I fan of celebrity gossip have to come to this site to know this? I read several newspapers on line and I didn’t know this…The American media is looking like the Soviet media every day.

  5. I didn’t know this and I read several newspapers every day…The American media is looking like the Soviet media…

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