North Korean Ambassador to Castrogonia Killed by his Sovereign Master Lil’ Kim


News flash, sort of.  Unconfirmed reports are involved.  But it sure looks as if the sugary missile-and-Mig cocktail mix that Castrogonia shipped to North Korea on the Chong Chon Gang  — which was discovered and seized in Panama — has led to the death of North Korea’s former ambassador to Castrogonia, Jang Yong-chol.

The former ambassador’s demise is linked to a brutal purge conducted by Dennis Rodman’s best friend, Kim Jong Un.

Convinced that feeding his own uncle to starving dogs was not enough,  Lil’ Kim has decided to kill his uncle’s immediate family and some of his close associates.  According to multiple unconfirmed reports, the killing spree did not include dogs this time around, but did feature the slaying of children (his cousins), and of the one diplomat connected to the Chong Chon Gang disaster.

Lil’ Kim apparently showed some Machiavellian mercy, simply banishing some of his real or imagined enemies rather than killing them.   Machiavelli, as everyone knows, advised tyrants to employ brutality judiciously, so they could be loved as well as feared.  Perhaps Lil’ Kim has learned a thing or two from his equally merciful friend, King Raul “the Reformer” of Castrogonia.

Lil' Kim, "the Merciful"
Lil’ Kim, “the Merciful”

From USA Today:

BEIJING — After executing his powerful uncle last month, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un took his purge to an extreme degree by putting to death almost all the uncle’s direct relatives, including children, an unconfirmed report by the South Korean news agency Yonhap.

If the wave of killings is ever confirmed, it suggests Kim’s brutality exceeds even that of his father and grandfather, his predecessors in power, said one North Korea expert Monday. The move also reveals Kim’s fear of opposition forces, said Hong Kwan-hee, a professor in the Department of North Korea Studies at Korea University.

Citing multiple but unnamed sources, Yonhap said Kim ordered the killings, which took place after the Dec. 12 execution of Jang Song Thaek, husband of Kim’s aunt, the daughter of the regime’s founding father Kim Il Sung. Jang’s removal surprised most North Korea watchers, as he was considered the second most powerful figure in the highly repressive and isolated state.

“The executions of Jang’s relatives mean that no traces of him should be left,” one source told Yonhap. “The purge of the Jang Song-thaek people is under way on an extensive scale from relatives and low-level officials.”

The relatives killed include Jang’s sister,Jang Kye-sun; her husband Jon Yong-jin, North Korea’s ambassador to Cuba; Jang Yong-chol, ambassador to Malaysia; a nephew of Jang Song Thaek; and Jang Yong-chol’s two sons, said Yonhap. All had been recalled to Pyongyang in early December. The sons, daughters and grandchildren of Jang’s two deceased elder brothers were also executed, sources told Yonhap.

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