So what happened to Johnny Depp’s famous Che Guevara pendant?

For a while there Depp and his Che Guevara pendant seemed inseparable. Seems he flaunted it during every photo opp. Then came a book that–didn’t exactly criticize him for wearing it, didn’t “constructively” attempt “outreach” by calmly and decorously and rationally attempting to educate him on the error of his ways–instead the book LAMPOONED HIM MERCILESSLY FOR HIS STUPIDITY.

The famous pendant’s absence seems to coincide with the book’s release.


I mean, if ever a golden opportunity to display a Che pendant presented itself recently it was Depp’s photo with Juanes at last year’s Grammys. But the pendant is nowhere to be found.

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“One horse laugh is worth ten thousand syllogisms.” (H.L. Mencken)



5 thoughts on “So what happened to Johnny Depp’s famous Che Guevara pendant?

  1. Were they competing for the Come Mierda Award?

    What strikes me is the fact that Depp played a degenerate communist guard from La Cabaña who even got aroused by Che pictures in “Before Night Falls”. As an actor he interpreted the scrapped from the gutter scum that has always served Castro Inc. as muscle. The depiction of this particular guard was the biographical anecdote of a political prisoner whose only crime was his literature and his open homosexuality.

    Granted, Depp also played a travesty who was allowed to enter La Cabaña and perform while countless Cubans were being sent to labor camps for being homosexuals, a “capitalistic behavior”. Did Depp still not see the aberrant, slavish, and fraudulent nature of Che’s beloved stalinist tyranny past its propagandistic falsehood? Did he not realize who these bloody, degenerate, and shitty communist thugs were, why people were being sent there, or what was happening in that gulag (and Cuba in general)? Can the man really be that self-centered, frivolous, and slow?

    Thanks for your book Fontova, your work is gold. It seems as if Johnny Depp truly thinks he is a 17th/18th century pirate, so what else can be said. Maybe it was the rum. At least, it seems, he finally saw the reality regarding the matter and has some dignity.

  2. Gallardo, I wouldn’t expect much from Depp or read too much into his presumed “change.” Maybe he just lost the damn pendant, or was too stoned to remember to wear it, or simply got bored with that particular fashion “statement.”

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