Ding Dong the Commie’s Dead….*(see update)

The resemblance to a well-known Latino "strong leader" is no coincidence
Seeger’s resemblance to a well-known Latino “strong leader” is no coincidence

Castro-loving folk singer Pete Seeger goes to his eternal reward at age of 94.

He made the song “Guantanamera” popular in some circles here in the USA.   But he was no true friend of the Cuban people.  Call him the Nelson Mandela of folk music.  Though he sang protest songs against capitalist “oppression” and “war mongering,”  Pete Seeger supported the Castro regime and never raised his voice against any communist dictator, even those who slaughtered millions of people.

A member of the Communist party for many years, Seeger lambasted the “fascist” Franklin Delano Roosevelt and praised Uncle Joe Stalin.  Blacklisted in the 1950’s, he acquired martyr status among American leftists in the 1960’s and never lost it.

Yes, this so-called “pied piper of musical dissent”  sang apolitical folk songs too, such as “Goodnight Irene,”  but his unbalanced social conscience never seemed troubled by the  injustices committed by brutal dictators on the left or by the suffering these monsters inflicted on their people.

Any Cuban exile who mixed with non-Cubans in college in the 1960’s and 1970’s knows all too well how popular Seeger was with the Castro-loving crowd.  During that era, his rendering of “Guantanamera” became the anthem of the cane-cutting volunteers of the “Venceremos” brigade and those who idolized the Castro dictatorship.

In essence, Seeger embodied the hypocrisy of elite culture too, which still dominates mainstream journalism.  His “Guantanamera” might as well be the sound track of just about every article and editorial written about Castrogonia and the rest of Latin America, and that sound track reaches ear-splitting levels every time Pinochet is referred to as a “ruthless dictator” and the Castro brothers are praised as “strong leaders.”

Back in 2007, his hypocrisy was highlighted by Ron Radosh in The New York Sun.   Good luck finding any such honesty in today’s obituaries.

*UPDATE: Not just any run-of-the-mill commie, but “America’s Most Successful Communist.”  Go HERE for a detailed description of Seeger’s totalitarian-loving communist credentials.




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