Asqueroso! Nauseating link revealed between Gadaffi and the Castro Dynasty


As the old proverb says, “tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.”

A few days ago, we learned that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un — a friend and close associate of the Castro regime — killed his uncle’s entire family, including the children.  We also learned that he tossed his ambassador to Castrogonia into this kill fest too, for good measure, as a reward for the diplomat’s disastrous let’s-hide-armaments-in-a-sugar-shipment deal with the Castro mafia.

Now, a BBC documentary provides a frightful glimpse into the behavior of another dear friend of the Castro brothers, the late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

Aside from revealing that this sociopathic pervert had special sex dungeons in which he raped countless young boys and girls, including one where the potential victims were subjected to medical screenings before being abused, the documentary also alleges that Gaddafi might have employed Cuban assassins to kill his opponents, or anyone he simply didn’t like.

From The Daily Mail (UK):

It took the documentary-makers months of negotiations to be allowed access to information on Gaddafi as Libya remains secretive and hide-bound by bureaucracy. But they also established that Gaddafi set up a ‘murder for hire’ team run from Tripoli to rid him of enemies around the world.

In a secret interview from Cuba, former CIA agent Frank Terpil said: ‘I would say [it was] Murder Incorporated …. murder for hire. Gaddafi thought that anybody who was a dissident, they [should be] eliminated, he had contracts out on a bunch of people in London.’ He often stored the bodies of those killed in Libya in freezers so that he could regularly view them.

So, there you have it.   The details of the dungeon are beyond disturbing: they are horrific enough to make one physically ill.   That Castronoid assassins should be linked to the story is not the least bit surprising.

But let us not forget that Gaddafi had other friends too.


The lurid dungeon story is being covered by many news outlets around the world, but the most thorough reporting has appeared in the inimitable Daily Mail, which normally only deals with dictators when they can enhance the tabloid’s reputation as the top specialist in murder, mayhem, tragedy, sex, gossip, and photos of  scantily clad starlets.

Uncovered: The macabre sex chamber of Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi

IT has been more than two years since the capture and death of Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan dictator whose reign subjected an impoverished people to four decades of murder and terror.

When the bedraggled former leader was hauled out of a drainpipe and shot in October 2011, his death ended the bloody Nato-led civil war that had ravaged the country since the start of that year.

The full horror of his brutality has been slow to emerge, with many Libyans still fearing retaliation by those who continue to be loyal to their late leader. But it can now be revealed that the most heartbreaking of Gaddafi’s victims include hundreds, possibly thousands of teenage girls who, throughout his 42-year reign, were beaten, raped and forced to become his sex slaves.

Medical equipment used to ensure that Gaddafi's sex slaves were all healthy
Medical equipment used to ensure that Gaddafi’s sex slaves were all healthy

Many were virgins kidnapped from schools and universities and kept prisoner for years in a specially designed secret sex lair hidden within Tripoli University or his many palaces. In the 26 months since he was deposed, Gaddafi’s den – where he regularly raped girls as young as 14 – has remained locked. But today its gaudy interior, where the colonel brutalised his victims, can be seen for the first time in photographs from a hard-hitting BBC4 documentary.

Inside the small, nondescript single-storey complex, the girls were forced to watch pornography to ‘educate’ them for their degrading treatment at the hands of Gaddafi. And even those who did manage to escape were often shunned by their deeply religious Muslim families who believed their family honour had been tainted.

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  1. The obvious subtext here, which would be pounced on BIG time if Gaddafi had been a nominally Christian “fascist” (read right-wing) despot, is that this isn’t just a matter of depravity and monstrous abuse of power–it’s also clearly related to the overtly inferior, not to say subhuman, status of females in Muslim societies. But don’t expect those who concocted the “war on women” crock here to get even remotely as “outraged” over this all-too-real outrage. That wouldn’t advance their agenda and could potentially prove dangerous, so they’ll be moving right along.

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