Julia Sweig says Pres. Obama poised for “legacy move” on Cuba


Last year we predicted that (tragically) the murder of Oswaldo Paya and torture and blackmail of Angel Carromero would stand uncontested by the Spanish Gov. and courts. In brief, the Castroite crime would stand. We based this on a source that might as well be the Castro regime’s KGB-trained intelligence service itself: Phil Peters.

Lo and behold we were right.

Now another source that might as well be Castro’s KGB-trained intelligence service says that President Obama will soon make a big “legacy move” on Cuba.

Again on a matter such as this we’re inclined to believe a source so intimately connected to Castro’s KGB-trained intelligence services.

“Other than the competitive juices that might have started to flow during this week’s showcasing of Brazil’s presence in Cuba, there is one geopolitical event that could compel Obama to finally marginalize the tiny minority within his own party that prefers to keep Cuba policy on ice. In thirteen months, March 2015, Obama will make his final presidential appearance at the Summit of the Americas, the Inter-American system’s marquee event where Washington still has a voice. Last year in Cartagena, the message was unanimous: Cuba next time, or no Summit. Obama can again dismiss this message and lose even more influence in the Americas. But the stars are aligning for Obama to make a big legacy move by 2015. Mark my word and start your clocks.

Sweig’s entire piece here.

(Note how Cuba is shifting Sugar Daddys from Venezuela to Brazil (Mariel, etc.) Note that Sweig’s new area of “expertise” within the CFR is Brazil. Note who arranged Gov. Bob Graham’s recent visit to Cuba. In fact, the CFR has long been trumpeting the “Cuban Oil” ruse.)



One thought on “Julia Sweig says Pres. Obama poised for “legacy move” on Cuba

  1. And notice how Julia Sweig words it, “a legacy move,” as if Obama lifting whatever is left of the so-called embargo would be his defining presidential move. Give me a break! Cuba is not that important. Obama’s legacy is that he’s the first “black’ [actually mulatto] president. That is enough. Also, that swine Sweig talks about “the “tiny” minority within his party that prefers to keep Cuba policy on ice.” These castro aparatchiks always use terms like “tiny.” It’s not that tiny if they are able to keep it “on ice” as she refers to it. “Ice” is also a pretty misleading wording considering how many outstretched hands holding olive branches Obama has extended to Cuba. Some ice, its more like cascading water.

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