Full circle for the Castro family

(Brutal plantation owners Lina Ruz & Angel Castro)

As well known (even by Cuba “Experts”!) Fidel’s father Angel Castro made much of his fortune off the backs of brutalized Haitian cane cutters imported to Cuba.

Sugar worker

As well documented in the documentary Sugar Babies Alfy Fanjul makes much of his fortune (the portion not courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer, that is) off the backs of brutalized Haitian cane-cutters imported to The Dominican Republic.


Perhaps soon, it will not be necessary for Fanjul to import Haitian semi-slaves. Instead fully-enslaved Cubans will be made available to him by the Castro family.

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6 thoughts on “Full circle for the Castro family

  1. Ah the Cuban tycoon of Alfonso “Alfy” Fanjul, a long supporter of the Clintons. Some magnates never learn that one can’t be with both god and the devil, buy everything, nor do business with thieves, what else can be said. This recent report (below) from the Washington Post pretty much says it all.

    By the way, the comments at the bottom of the article are the reason why we have what we have, why I am starting to set sail, and the reason why this country can gladly go to hell once and for all. By now “the land of the free and the home of the brave” is as much shameless propaganda as “Patria o Muerte”. This is today the land of the ungrateful, imperiously ignorant, and the home of the stupid.


  2. Castro’s father looks like a real pedantic boor while his mother looks like an annulled and miserable soul. After all, she was the house maid for whom his father divorced the lady of the house. Or better yet, she was the reason for which the lady of the house most likely divorced him.

    I highly doubt that she ever saw any charm in the man, or anything at all, besides an interest in keeping her job. Obviously, after five out of wedlock children (the ones soon sent to boarding school), marrying the man for the sake of security and validation was in her interest. Maybe it was exploited need, innocence, or just personal stupidity not the result of youth.

    Not exactly “we met at a party…” type of stuff, nor a sugar daddy tale for that matter. It actually reads more like a southern plantation story from the days of slavery. Yet, judging by the sons alone, “white trash” is an understatement.

  3. Angel Castro was born in Spain in 1875. The year of Lina’s birth was 1903, 1906 or 1908, depending on what source one believes, but Angel was old enough to be her father, and he obviously took advantage of her subordinate and vulnerable position as his housemaid. The first of their five illegitimate children was born in 1923 and conceived in 1922, but they were not married until 1943. Angel had an illegitimate son by another woman in or around 1930, and it is widely believed that Raúl (born in 1931) was not fathered by Angel, which would mean he’s Lina’s son but not a Castro.

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