The best damn Venezuelan telenovela ever, starring the Chavez sisters and the ghost of Hugo !


Daughters of Hugo Chavez Still Living in Presidential Palace, Refuse to Move Out

Just when you thought that the news from Caracastan could not get any more ridiculous, along comes this item, revealed by Spain’s indefatigable dirt-digging newspaper, ABC.

Yes, the headline above says it all.   Rosa Virginia and  María Gabriela Chavez continue to occupy “La Casona” in Caracas, Venezuela’s official presidential residence, even though their father Hugo has been dead since the 3rd of March 2013, nearly a full year ago.

Meanwhile, Nicolas Maduro, the current nominal president and former vice-president, is still living in the vice-presidential mansion he occupied while Chavez was still alive.    But maybe the Chavez girls think this is only proper, since the real ruler is Raul Castro in Havana.

An ironic twist adds even more absurdity to this arrangement: as it turns out, Rosa Virginia, the eldest of the two “infantas”, or “princesses” — as they are known in Caracastan — is married to Jorge Arreaza, the current vice-president of Venezuela.

So, to recap: the nominal president of Venezuela is living in the vice-presidential mansion while the nominal vice-president resides in the presidential mansion, along with the daughter of the previous nominal president.

All you magical realists out there — including Gabriel Garcia Marquez — eat your hearts out.   Telenovela writers, hang your heads in shame.  These Bolivarian leaders surpass what your fevered minds can conceive as fiction, especially when it comes to absurd plot twists.

Entrance to La Casona, Caracastan
Entrance to La Casona, Caracastan

All that’s needed to make this story even more entertaining is for the two “infantas” to begin a ménage à trois with one of the heirs of the Castro throne — preferably Raul’s daughter Mariela — and turn their Casona into yet another Castro palace.

But that’s not all.  The two “infantas”  have been driving their neighbors to the brink of desperation with non-stop raucous parties.  According to sources cited by ABC, the “infantas” have also amassed colossal debts with nearly every nearby restaurant, fast food joint, and liquor store, and are now hard-pressed to find any establishment in Caracas that will sell or deliver anything to them.

Concert promoters and talent agencies in Caracas also complain that an entourage of leeches clings to the “infantas” and their mansion, and that the princesses constantly demand at least thirty free passes to every entertainment event in the capital city.

Yes.  Si, amigos.  This is what the Bolivarian Revolution is all about.  Just like the Castrogonian Revolution, its Venenozuelan counterpart is all about establishing permanent privileges for a small ruling class at the expense of an entire nation.

And, yes, si, si, amigos, this charade also shows the world the true mettle of Nicolas Maduro, puppet of puppets,  sycophant of sycophants, servant of the servants of the Castro Dynasty.

Read it and laugh… in Spanish… ja, ja, ja…  Aquí  (HERE).



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  1. Jajajaja, can’t make ’em up this good…
    Do you think the Chavez girls are keeping a little bird as pet?

    BTW, link to original sp article needs repair, not working due to spurious “http://” suffix.

  2. Yes, el pajarito is with them, and he’s in charge of finding suckers who will sell them food and drinks on credit…

    Link has been fixed. Thanks for reporting that.

  3. No way, such honest, classy, and decent people? I thought this was the type of stuff that was done by disconnected, racist, and abusive capitalists like Romney.

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