Travel to Cuba at your own risk: Canadian woman held by Castro dictatorship may miss son’s funeral

Canadians love vacationing in the Castro dictatorship’s tropical gulag, but for some of them, the experience is less than enjoyable.

Via Yahoo News:

Justine Davis, a Canadian woman trapped in Cuba, may be forced to miss son’s funeral

A Canadian woman trapped in Cuba following a car accident that claimed the life of her three-year-old son is fighting to get home before his funeral later this week.

But Cuban authorities seem set on keeping Justine Davis detained in the country until an investigation into the crash is complete, and Canadian officials appear unable to intervene.

Friends and family back in Toronto are working to rally support for Davis and get her home before the funeral for son Cameron on Feb. 8.

“We are urging the Canadian public to help Justine by reaching out to their Members of Parliament, local constituents, legal representatives, as well as the Cuban embassy in Ottawa, asking for Justine to be released in time to attend her son’s services,” reads a statement from her support group.

According to a Facebook group petitioning for her released, Cuban officials will not allow her to leave the country because the crash that killed her son is still under investigation.

The ordeal began on Dec. 20, 2013, when, according to an account of events, Justine and Cameron arrived in Cayo Largo, Cuba, for a week-long Christmas vacation following the death of her father.

On Dec. 23, the pair rented a jeep, and later a scooter, to tour the island. While riding tandem on the scooter, the Davis’ were involved in an accident with a truck on a partially-paved road.

Justine was air-lifted to a Havana hospital and rushed into surgery. She suffered a broken arm and a fractured leg. She would learn the next day that Cameron had died in the crash.

Cameron’s body has since returned to Toronto, but Justine’s return has been delayed by the police investigation. With her son’s funeral set for Saturday, there has been no indication Justine will be released in time.

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One thought on “Travel to Cuba at your own risk: Canadian woman held by Castro dictatorship may miss son’s funeral

  1. And to think that, if she’d gone to Puerto Rico or Cancun instead, this tragedy might have never happened. As my mother always said, taking a child to Cuba is irresponsible at best, because it’s putting the child needlessly in harm’s way. But Davis shouldn’t blame Cuba; she should blame the society that has made it both acceptable and enticing to use a place like Cuba as a tropical resort–her society, Canada’s.

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