A tale of two vipers: Castronoid editors of Cuban Catholic magazine go abroad

Gonzalez (left) and Veiga (right)
Gonzalez (left) and Veiga (right) in Madrid

Lackeys of Cardinal Ortega  spew their poison in Spain

Roberto Veiga and Lenier Gonzalez, editors of “Espacio Laical” (Lay Space) –a periodical sponsored by the Archdiocese of Havana — are visiting Spain.

While in Madrid, these two advocates of compromise with the Castro dynasty were interviewed by ABC.   Everything they said confirms way beyond a shadow of a doubt that the aim of the Cuban Catholic Church and its leader Cardinal Jaime Ortega is to ensure that the Cuban people remain imprisoned in a totalitarian communist slave plantation.

Of course, they didn’t speak so bluntly, but what they said amounts to pretty much the same thing.

“Cuba won’t have an Arab Spring,” they said, “it will have a Cuban-style transition instead that will be unlike any other in the world.”

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Employing the Orwellian newspeak favored by the Castro dynasty and Cardinal Ortega, editors Veiga and Gonzalez spoke of a “creative” transition by Cuba’s emerging “civil society” and of “avoiding a confrontational dynamic and embracing concord instead.”  [Translation: “we don’t really foresee or want any real change.”]

“Espacio Laical” was founded by Cardinal Jaime Ortega in 2005.  The publication claims that its aim is to bring all Cubans together, both on the island and in exile.  While this goal sounds very noble, the way in which “Espacio Laical” seeks to achieve it is despicable.  Its sole purpose is to promote the idea that the socialist/communist society created by the Castro dynasty promises the best future for Cuba, and that any substantial change from the path forged by the so-called Revolution is unacceptable.

But… but…but… you ask: how can such a program bring together all Cubans?

Easy answer: All Cubans, including those in exile need to realize that embracing such a future for Cuba is necessary.  In other words: it’s my way or no way; take or leave it; love it or leave it.

As they put it: “la política hacia Cuba no debe basarse en el enfrentamiento con el Gobierno y en intentar derrocarlo.” (Policies toward Cuba should not be based on confrontations with the government or on efforts to overthrow it”).  In other words — their own words: “El Gobierno es y será un actor clave en el presente y futuro de Cuba.’ (“The present government is and will be a key agent in the present and future of Cuba”)’

Should anyone have any lingering doubts about their preference for the survival of the current government, the editors went on to say that human rights issues “should play some role” in all dialogue concerning the country’s future, but “never play a determining role in the dialogue.”

Typical Castronoid logic.  Everyone needs to “respect” the Revolution, everyone needs to believe that the Castro plan should be loved by all Cubans, and no one should dare to suggest any real change.


Veiga and Gonzalez think that their efforts are paying off, and that “Espacio Laical” has already made great strides in “reconciling” the exile community with the Castro regime.  As proof of this, they cite the fact that some very prominent exiles have written articles for their magazine — great men such as Arturo Lopez Levy, Carlos Saladrigas, and Carmelo Mesa-Lago.

Yeah.   Great men, indeed.  Great magazine.  Great Cardinal.  Great Dynasty.  #$#@!@#*^!

Read the whole interview (in Castellano) HERE.




One thought on “A tale of two vipers: Castronoid editors of Cuban Catholic magazine go abroad

  1. This is way beyond despicable but could hardly be more upfront, as these things go. I’m surprised it’s not more ambiguous, but the reason seems simple: it’s aimed at non-Cuban foreigners, or “international opinion,” NOT at “those people” (who they know will see through it immediately, but who they figure are neither essential nor sufficiently influential to need convincing). But I love the bit about human rights playing “some” role in “dialogue” but never a determining role. Very impressive, in its way. It’s like saying “Totalitarian tyranny is inevitable and resistance is futile, so grow up and accept it.” As for these two minions, they even look the part–more honesty you can believe in.

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