Oh Happy Day! NBC refers to Communism as “pivotal experiment”


Rejoice, fellow victims of communism!

We are soooooooo special!  Super special!

We’re the equivalent of  lab rats, bacteria in a petri dish, chemicals heated by a Bunsen burner.

The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) declared Russia’s seven decades of communist totalitarianism a “pivotal experiment” in its history.

Yes, a “pivotal experiment.”

One must assume that the “experiment” extended to other countries, including Cuba, was also pivotal.

Yes, “pivotal.”   One must assume that NBC interprets the extermination of millions of human beings and the enslavement of millions more is no big deal, just a slight swerve, or “pivot” in the timeline of human history.

NBC’s Orwellian turn was noticed by Ed Driscoll at PJ Media:

 George Orwell, call your office. As he wrote in “Politics and the English Language,” in 1946, such euphemisms are “designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable,” and certainly describing Communism as “one of modern history’s pivotal experiments” fits the bill in spades.

The entire article can be found HERE.

And another wonderful article, quoted by Driscoll can be found HERE.  It’s “The Worst Idea in the World,” by Robert Stacy McCain — a critique of Marxism/socialism/communism that should be required reading for every human being on earth.




3 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day! NBC refers to Communism as “pivotal experiment”

  1. Yes, I know. I was watching the opening ceremonies and the commentator made that remark. But remember, communism is given a free pass–always. We must retain perfect political correctness composure all of the time.

    Ah, but if the host country had been Germany, you know that Hitler’s reign would not have been referred to as a “pivotal experiment.” No, no, no, no.

  2. I saw the entire opening ceremony (tremendous) and the part depicting the later part of the soviet era as if it was “Guys and Dolls” bothered me, it was shameless bullshit. Even while acknowledging their industrialization and achievements as the USSR, they were all insignificant next to those of South Korea, Japan, Germany, USA, and the First World in general.

    No thriving capitalistic city, from Sao Paulo to Seoul, cares about Moscow’s propagandist pretensions with its Seven Sisters in the same way that no one cares about North Korea’s Ryugyong Hotel. Yet, after observing what is happening in Russia today, and who is in power, I can see why they like to downplay their aberrational past. The reasons for which the imbeciles of NBC do it is another case.

    I can understand why the Russians would say something like “pivotal experiment” (and they do), they don’t want to be going forward with a guilty complex. They don’t want to be Germany nor be USA where half the nation runs on resentment, division, and self-loathing (look at who is serving as a two term president as a result).

    Russians are people that have always been behind the rest of Europe and who know very well how nations are demoralized through the injection of such sentiments. One of the main tools of the KGB was in fact the demoralization of nations (mainly USA) by the injection and promotion of such sentiments into academia, in the name of fairness, be it shame, guilt, divisiveness, etc.

    Granted, I am not saying that such dismissive stance is right, much less when many are still paying a costly price for their “pivotal experiment”, but I can tell why they want to minimize and downplay. They want to promote nationalism and pride as they move forward. As for USA and its leftist media? They are what Lenin himself called “useful idiots”; and as ironic as it may be, their leftist mindset is the last shit Putin wants in Russia.

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