Photos of the day: 62 real “reforms” of Raul Castro

From Cuban dissident Martha Beatriz Roque.

Bárbara Danay Canals Aramburu is only one of many Cubans savagely attacked for merely disagreeing with the Castro regime — day after bloody day.

After a beating, it took 62 stitches to sew together her scalp, which had come completely loose from her skull.

Please note the additional evidence of the “excellence” of the Castrocare medical system, including the bloody pillow on her bed.

Bárbara Danay Canals Aramburu junto con su hija Jessica Almerí Canals en el hospital. Vean la funda manchada de sangre sin cambiarMás de 62 puntos por habérsele desprendido el cuero cabelludo

Con estas heridas quedará Bárbara para toda su vida



3 thoughts on “Photos of the day: 62 real “reforms” of Raul Castro

  1. If a hotel owner orders the slapping of women employees he and his business will definitely go down, if not end ruined. Yet, when a cult leader orders the head cracking of women slaves, for 55 years, his hotel business continues to flourish with foreigners.

    Cuba must never forget…

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