The Arsht Center’s Cuba Poll: When a Push Poll pushes back

Push polling is not without its dangers. Sure, you can twist and mangle questions in a fashion that will get you the response you are looking for, but you have to do so in a way that does not make it so obvious. And there is where the Atlantic Council and Arsht Center gets into trouble. When they mix just a smidgeon of truth with their push-poll questions, suddenly, it starts pushing back.

The good news for for them and their supporters, Senators Jeff “Cuba” Flake and Patrick Leahy, is that the media is pretty much ignoring the push back their push poll gave them.

The bad news for them, however, is we are not.

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

What the Media Ignored: Americans Support Cuba Policy

Scouring through news stories about the Arsht Center’s Flake-Leahy poll, not a single media organization mentioned a key take-away:

That Americans support U.S. policy toward Cuba.

U.S. policy toward Cuba, as codified into law by the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act (LIBERTAD), sets forth a host of democratic and human rights preconditions for the lifting of sanctions and the normalization of relations.

Despite the pollster’s targeting low-information individuals and manipulating samples from the general population, when informed about the Castro regime’s human rights abuses, Americans favored keeping current U.S. policy — and reject further engagement — by a 50-43 margin.

In other words, no matter how hard the pollsters pushed, when Americans are informed about the democratic and human rights conditions in U.S. law, they clearly favor current U.S. policy toward Cuba.

The more Americans learn about Castro’s human rights abuses, the more they favor current U.S. policy.

Media organizations are either ignorant of current U.S. policy, or chose to ignore this key point.



2 thoughts on “The Arsht Center’s Cuba Poll: When a Push Poll pushes back

  1. Let Cuba be a lesson to all: if you screw yourself over badly enough that you become vulnerable to opportunists looking to profit from your situation, you will only get screwed AGAIN, and again, and again–as much and as often as screwing you will pay dividends. Don’t even bother to complain or cry foul–the opportunists don’t give a shit, they really don’t, and there are ALWAYS such opportunists, and plenty of them.

    Every day it becomes even MORE clear how very, VERY badly Cubans fucked up in going for Castro instead of another solution to Batista. There are massive quantities of guilt to go around, but it seems clear that those who should have known best (and, as it happened, had the most to lose) were the worst offenders. Folly of such magnitude is practically criminal.

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