Pro-democracy protestors in Venezuela beaten and murdered by armed forces of Cuba-backed dictatorship

“Mom, I have gone to fight for Venezuela. If I don’t return, I left with her.”

The opportunity Venezuelans had to regain democracy and the rule of law in their country disappeared a long time ago. By allowing themselves to become a colony of the apartheid dictatorship of the Castro brothers in Cuba, it seems now that the shedding of innocent blood will be necessary for freedom and liberty to return to Venezuela.

As the photo above illustrates, pro-democracy students in Venezuela — along with thousands of other freedom-loving Venezuelans — are willing to make that sacrifice for their freedom and human rights. The price they will have to pay for that freedom will be a heavy one since the country’s armed forces, now under the repressive and murderous control of Cuba’s Castro dictatorship, will make sure they pay for their opposition with their blood. However, as the news coming out of Venezuela shows, these courageous protestors are taking the fight to their Cuban oppressors.

Via Business Insider:

Anti-Government Protests In Venezuela Turn Bloody

The anti-government protests started on Monday, and even then Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he had had it.”I’ve had enough,” said angry Maduro, who has held a wobbly grip on power since he replaced late-President Hugo Chavez last year. “You can accuse me of what you want, I am obliged to defend democracy and the peace of the people.”

Two days later and the protests have turned violent.

When the demonstrations started, there were simply a few hundred protesters — mostly students — in cities around the country. Those students called for others to join them today as the country celebrates ‘Youth Day’, a holiday that commemorates students who participated in the struggle for Venezuelan Independence in the 19th century.

Now people are out in the streets by the thousands. The word in the Twitterverse is that helicopters fly over Caracas as armed motorists supporting the government ride through the streets.

“I am in Caracas and there are fallen students in the streets and the media isn’t saying anything,” says one Twitter user.

Reuters is reporting one protester dead. National Assembly head Diosdado Cabello, an ally of Maduro’s, said that the deceased was a government supporter.

“He’s a comrade assassinated by the right-wing fascist hordes,” he said in a speech.

Maduro has called the protesters “a Nazi-fascist” current.

Careful with the picture below, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Via the AP in The Miami Herald:

3 killed as Venezuelan protests turn violent

Armed vigilantes on motorcycles attacked anti-government demonstrators in Venezuela on Wednesday, setting off a stampede by firing into crowds as the biggest protest against President Nicolas Maduro’s year-old administration turned violent. Three people were killed.

Chaos erupted in downtown Caracas when the gang roared up and began shooting at more than 100 protesters who had been sparring with security forces at the tail end of heated but otherwise peaceful protests organized by hard-line members of the opposition. Most of the roughly 10,000 participants in the demonstrations had already gone home.

As people fled in panic, one demonstrator fell to the ground with a bullet wound in his head. Onlookers screamed “assassins” as they rushed the 24-year-old marketing student to a police vehicle. He was later identified by family members as Bassil Da Costa.

Also killed was the leader of a pro-government 23rd of January collective, as militant supporters of Venezuela’s socialist administration call themselves. National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello said the “revolutionary” known by his nickname Juancho was “vilely assassinated by the fascists” but he didn’t provide details.

The troubles moved eastward to the wealthier neighborhood of Chacao after nightfall, leaving another unidentified demonstrator dead from a bullet wound, district Mayor Ramon Muchacho said via Twitter. Calm returned as midnight approached, leaving smoldering trash cans strewn along several blocks where demonstrators threw rocks at government buildings.

The unrest comes on the heels of a wave of increasingly violent, student-led protests that have spread across Venezuela the past two weeks. Their anger is being fueled by frustration with Maduro’s handling of the inflation-plagued economy, worsening crime and human rights concerns.

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The video below shows student protestors running for their lives as they are being shot at by government forces (H/T Sue C.):



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