Azucar! Chong Chon Gang chugs back to pick up more weapons

The Chong Chon Gang
The Chong Chon Gang

The BBC reports that North Korea’s smuggling vessel, the Chon Chong Gang, is steaming back to the Castro Kingdom, to pick up some other load.

Will the Castronoids and the Koreans fill it up with hidden weapons again?

Don’t put it past them.  This involves two governments incurably addicted to lying, cheating, and stealing.


North Korean ship seized with smuggled weapons returns to Castrogonia

The North Korean ship seized with undeclared Cuban weapons on board is returning to Cuba, says the Panamanian government.

The Panama Canal Authority recently said the ship could leave, after Pyongyang paid a nearly $700,000 (£425,000) fine.

The ship was seized seven months ago with Soviet-era weapons and fighter jets hidden under sacks of sugar.

Three members of the crew stayed behind to face arms trafficking charges.

The captain, the first officer and the political officer of the Chong Chon Gang face sentences of up to 12 years.

The other 32 crew members were released without charge.

Panama’s Foreign Ministry said the ship set off on Saturday morning.

United Nations sanctions ban any country from providing arms to North Korea.

The container ship was stopped near Manzanillo, on the Atlantic side of the canal, on 15 July under suspicion that it was carrying drugs.

It had disappeared from satellite tracking for a few days as it approached the Cuban capital, Havana, having departed from Russia’s eastern coast three months earlier.

On searching the vessel, officials found military hardware including two Soviet-era MiG-21 fighter aircraft, air defence systems, missiles and command and control vehicles.

Cuban authorities said that the ship was carrying 240 tonnes of “obsolete” defensive weapons.

The North Korean government insisted the ageing weapons were simply being transferred to North Korea to be repaired, before returning them.

Panamanian officials quoted by Reuters news agency said the arms would likely be sold or given away and the sugar sold to companies interested in turning it into ethanol.