UN condemns North Korean horrors identical to those in Castrogonia… but….

Torture in Castro's prisons, drawing by prisoner Ángel García Rivero
Torture in Castro’s prisons, drawing by prisoner Ángel García Rivero

…. but…. but… but…. somehow, Castrogonia comes out squeaky clean and gets a seat on the UN Human Rights Council.

Why? … Need you ask?… Don’t you know?

The Castro dynasty is not at all to be confused with the Kim dynasty of North Korea.

The Castros are humanitarians who have taught an illiterate nation to read, created hospitals in a hell-hole that had none at all before they came along, helped end apartheid in South Africa, and provided third-world youth with scholarships.

The Kims are brutal dictators and sociopaths, and the current monarch should be tried in the International Criminal Court.

Just look at this picture, depicting his cruelty:

North Korean prisoners described ‘pigeon torture,’ an agonizing stress position some were forced to endure for three days straight.

The Castros, in contrast, should have won the Nobel Peace Prize long ago.  They have never tortured anyone, or killed any truly innocent people.

You don’t believe this?  Why… then… just Google “testimony Castro prisoners” and see if you can find any evidence of cruelty in Cuba.  You will find zero.  Instead, all you will find are news stories about the Cleveland women kidnapped by Puerto Rican hyper-pervert Ariel Castro.

The Cuban Castros are saints, and can do no wrong, so anyone they imprison or kill must really, really deserve it.

The Kims repress their people and ruthlessly crush all dissent.  The Castros are kind idealists and reformers who are always looking for ways to improve the lives of their people.

But… but… what if former prisoners from Castrogonia or present-day dissenters were to detail what they have endured, or draw crude pictures, or even show their scars?  Could any such testimony change world opinion about the Castro dynasty?

How dare you even ask such questions?  Would Saint Nelson Mandela have ever been capable of loving a genuine tyrant?  Are you nuts, or something?  How dare you impugn the sanctity of the Infinitely Holy Mandela?  How dare you question the judgment of the UN, which deems Castrogonia a protector of human rights but excoriates North Korea in such strong terms, and asserts that the Kim Kingdom has “no parallels” at all?

What kind of moron are you, anyway?  Or are you just evil?

You  *&^%$#@! fascist.  Nazi scum. Go back to where you came from on your nicely-drawn Oliphant boat.   And don’t you ever dare to accuse of bigotry anyone who unmasks YOUR congenital idiocy and ill-will.  You’re the bigot, you %$#@!&^ evil moron, just for asking such questions.

Illustrations of hell: North Korean defector sketches horrors of prison camps

The drawings are part of a new United Nations report that implicates Kim Jong Un in atrocities reminiscent of Nazi Germany. The panel calls for Kim to face charges in the International Criminal Court.

A North Korean defector sketched disturbing scenes of torture and starvation from his six years in one of the country’s brutal prisons.

The illustrations are part of a new, damning United Nations report that directly implicated leader Kim Jong Un in crimes against humanity reminiscent of the Nazis.

“There is an almost complete denial of the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, as well as of the rights to freedom of opinion, expression, information and association,” the report stated.

“The gravity, scale and nature of these violations reveal a state that does not have any parallel in the contemporary world.”

The unimaginable horrors at prison camps include starving inmates eating rats and snakes, female prisoners raped and then forced to kill their own newborns, bodies burned and used for fertilizer, prisoners used for martial-arts practice and a technique called “pigeon torture,” in which a prisoner is handcuffed behind his back and then held aloft in such so he couldn’t stand or sit…

The 372-page report called for Jong-Un to be tried in the International Criminal Court.

Read more HERE.

Starving North Korean prisoners even ate snakes.



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  1. Mandela is a very useful indicator–a classic example of blatant, unabashed hypocrisy which is not only condoned but treated as sacrosanct. People are NOT supposed to have ANY problem with it, and if they do, then THEY are considered the problem, not the Great Sacred Cow. I’m not just talking about Cuba; he openly and publicly supported MANY horrendous dictators and/or terrible men, and it simply does not matter. What matters is that he was a leftist (communist, to be exact) and the horrible men and regimes he supported all qualified as leftist and/or anti-American. It’s got nothing to do with justice or freedom per se and everything to do with politics and ideological agenda. It’s all, therefore, biased BULLSHIT. And btw, North Korean political prisoners would kill to have the same prison conditions Mandela had.

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