Cubanization at work: Venenozuela drives out its Jewish community

The parallels between Bolivarian Venenozuela and Castroite Cuba are so many that they defy any attempts to number them.

Add this one to the long list: the Bolivarian Revolution has chased out Venezuela’s Jews.

Somewhere, in their Cuban-authored playbook, the Chavistas are surely counting on future visits to a remaining tiny number of Jews by Jewish congregations from around the world who come loaded with gifts.

The playbook probably reads something like this: “Be sure to make life so miserable for the Jews that they have to leave.  But also make sure a tiny minority stays behind.  In a few years, Jews from all over the world will come to visit them and provide your “Revolution” with a very significant revenue stream.”

The devil is in the details.  You bet.

From The Jerusalem Post

Jews of Venezuela, the new Diaspora
by Eleonora Bruzual

I am a journalist. For decades I have devoted myself to politics, and during that time I followed the perversions of what was wrongly called a “progressive Left” that has partnered with the worst of humanity. That pseudo-idealism masked the most nefarious of tyrannies, and became a collaborator with sociopaths. Behind this political Left was an unscrupulous man, obsessed with power, who put no limits on himself and had no moral restraints. That man was Hugo Chavez.

In Chavez’s view, the country’s history was divided into the period before and after the military coup that brought him to power. He was a classic Latin American caudillo from the mountains, in that after attempting to overthrow the constitutionally elected government of Carlos Andres Peres on February 4, 1992, he clothed himself with pseudo-democrats; financial support, media and ambition all paved his way.

He destroyed a democracy very democratically.

Hugo Chavez had a lot of help. Fate put forward two sinister characters that encouraged the poisoning of his mind. One was Fidel Castro, the Cuban tyrant, and the other was Norberto Ceresole, an Argentinian sociologist who served as Chavez’s ideological underpinning and instilled in him a feverish combination of militarism and frightful anti-Semitism.

By way of Castro and Ceresole, Chavez moved on to other dangerous liaisons, such as with Iran, Islamic terrorists and other anti-Semites.

Always lurking in the background was irrational hatred that kept adding more and more victims to the Chavez regime. He concentrated his hatred against the small, industrious and educated Venezuelan Jewish

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