Turmoil in Venezuela: Violent repression continues as Cuban troops arrive to aid dictatorship


The photo above appeared on Twitter yesterday. It shows what is being reported as military transport aircraft delivering Cuban military troops in Maiquetia, Venezuela. While many will feign disbelief that Cuba’s Castro dictatorship would send troops to Venezuela to aid the puppet dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro, the truth is that these soldiers are simply joining the thousands of other Cuban soldiers already stationed in the Cuban pseudo-colony. While many in the media would like to make believe Cuba has little influence and no control over what happens in Venezuela, the facts point to the reality that the apartheid Castro regime in Havana is the one calling the shots in Venezuela.

Cuba simply has too much to lose if Venezuela’s dictatorship is toppled. And since no one will really complain much (neither the U.S., the UN, the OAS, nor any other “international” organization) if they send in shock troops to violently quash the dissent and protests the armed Venezuelan forces they trained failed to quash, they will do so.

In the meantime, the violence continues to escalate as the democratic opposition in Venezuela refuses to surrender. Moreover, as Francisco Toro reports in Caracas Chronicles, the Cuba-backed Maduro dictatorship has lost control of some cities:

Gocho Uprising Update

San Cristobal

San Cristóbal, where the protest movement started, remains an extreme outlier in the current crisis, with many residential neighborhoods essentially out of the control of the government. Luis Miguel Colmenares, a Gocho friend of the blog, sent us this status update – which was sourced through conversations with four people in the city. We’ve translated it here:

  • Protest hotspots have spread throughout the city. Some roadblocks and barricades are manned around the clock, such as the one in Barrio Central (which is a shantytown, not downtown), while others come and go, such as Quinimari, Barrio Obrero, Carabobo Avenue, and dozens of others throughout Táchira State.
  • People wounded in the clashes have been arrested in hospital and turned over to prosecutors, and so many of the wounded are now refusing to go to hospital for treatment. Neighbors are trying to care for them in their home, with doctors getting around by motorbike when needed to treat minor wounds.
  • From 10 a.m. today (Friday), the whole area around the Airport was taken over by the military, including areas surrounding the Universidad Experimental del Tachira (UNET), the area around Pueblo Nuevo Fútbol Stadium, the bullring and its surrounding area. It’s not clear why, we suppose some VIP will fly in to the airport soon.

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6 thoughts on “Turmoil in Venezuela: Violent repression continues as Cuban troops arrive to aid dictatorship

  1. The aircraft in the photo are Chinese built Shanxi tactical military transport planes. Venezuela recently purchased 8 to 12 of the planes. The Cuban airforce use older Russian built Antanovs, which look quite different from these.

    That said, the soldiers getting off the plane could well be Cuban or Venezuelan, or both.

  2. What is in it for Al Jazeera to report this? Why would they care about this?
    One of the comments gives a link to pictures about what is going on in the Ukraine and those are far worse pictures.

    • Al Jazeera has a pro-Sunni Islamist bias. Venezuela and Cuba are aligned with the Shia Islamist faction of Iran, Syria & Hezbollah.

      In Syria, Al Jazeera backs the Sunni rebels, while Cuba and Venezuela support the butcher of Damascus, Bashir el-Assad.

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