“Venezuela for Dummies”

Actually not for “Dummies” at all–but for Soccer Mom and Joe Sixpack (i.e. normal English-speaking Americans, outside a few miniscule enclaves in south Florida, who overwhelmingly–and very understandably–fail to find any of this typically Latin-American political turmoil relevant. Some would say the actual “Dummies” are the folks who vote into power (or tolerate) the Communist swine who cause all the Latin-American political turmoil–then frantically seek refuge in the land of those “dumb” Soccer Moms and Joe Sixpacks.

The U.S. imports over five times as much oil from Venezuela as from Kuwait. Been to the pumps lately? Wonder what’s going on? Venezuela is in turmoil, that’s what.

Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans have taken to the streets. Hundreds have been tear-gassed, beaten and arrested by Cuban-trained police and at least a dozen shot dead by Cuban-trained paramilitary storm-troopers.

To keep U.S. oil- supplier Kuwait out of the hands of a neighboring terror-sponsoring regime back in 1990 the U.S. employed some pretty serious firepower, if I recall. “Blood for Oil!” shrieked protestors worldwide.

“Well?” Many responded. “So what?” Rush Limbaugh was among the few to man-up, shuck the script, and blurt the truth. Operation Desert Storm was simply about securing: “the free flow of oil at market prices.”

Indeed, if a nation decides to spill the blood of its servicemen, let’s hope it’s for a vital national interest. And what could be more vital than securing the flow through its very jugular?

Granted, “making the world safe for democracy,” has a much nicer ring to it.

“There is not a ‘Chavista‘ government in Venezuela today — it is a ‘Cuban’ government, instead,” revealed a former ally of Hugo Chavez .

Cuba, though the mainstream media keeps this pretty mum, is branded by the U.S. State Department as an official “State Sponsor of Terrorism.” Last week Venezuela expelled three U.S. diplomats, claiming they were meddling in the nation’s internal affairs, and were instigating the wave of national protests. Getting denounced for something the U.S. doesn’t have the sense or guts to do anymore really galls me.

As a response to Cuba’s takeover of Venezuela, the massive protests against this blatant colonialism has sparked throughout that hapless nation, and the absurd accusations against the U.S., Secretary of State John Kerry recently responded thusly:

“This is not how democracies behave. I call on the Venezuelan government to step back from its efforts to stifle dissent through force and respect basic human rights. The solution to Venezuela’s problems can only be found through dialogue with all Venezuelans, engaging in a free exchange of opinions in a climate of mutual respect.”

Maduro and his colonial master Castro are surely quaking.

Our friends at The Blaze, linking Babalu, try to put the Venezuelan crisis in terms relevant to Soccer Mom and Joe Sixpack.