Tourists express insatiable appetite for slumming in the human zoo known as Cuba

The forbidden island

Human depravity knows no bounds, and history offers us far too many proofs of this.

Take but one item from yesterday’s news.   Just google the word “cows” under the News tab, and what will you find?  A news story about two men in upstate New York who were making pornographic films with cows.  Yes, cows.  One guy was filming while the other enjoyed a roll in the hay with a bovine companion.  And, apparently, this was not their first time: they’d been doing this repeatedly, for some time.   The farmer who owns the cows had noticed that they were responding  weirdly every time he approached them, and had noticed that their milk production had fallen considerably.  So, he set up a camera and caught these two hyper-perverts in flagrante delicto.

And here’s a tough question: are the people who buy and watch such films as depraved as the those who create them, or are they even more depraved?

Cow lovers: Reid Fontaine (L), performer, and Michael Jones (R), cinematographer

Or take an item from today’s news.  Just google the word “Cuba” under the News tab, and what will you find?  On the first two pages, you will find article after article on the need to normalize relations between the US and Castrogonia.  Most of these articles cite a recently-released (and intentionally skewed)  Atlantic Council survey on the issue of the so-called embargo.  On page three you will also find an article on another survey.  This survey asked recent tourists to Castrogonia whether they would like to return again for another visit, and a whopping 81.3% responded with a “yes!”

And here’s another tough question:  are the tourists who enjoy visiting Castrogonia as depraved as those who enslave the Cuban people, or are they even more depraved?

So, there you have it.  Any way you look at, any way you answer the questions above: More proof of human depravity than most sensitive people can possibly handle.

You can’t get any closer to the forbidden thrill of  having sex with a four-legged creature than traveling to Castrogonia — a country that practices apartheid, where everyone is enslaved, abused, and impoverished.   It is just as abhorrent as bestiality, but, then, again, some humans like that.    Some humans love to do what is forbidden, some actually love their depravity.

Gawking at slaves in their hovels, having them wait on you hand and foot, engaging in activities carefully planned by their masters, sampling something forbidden.  Oh what a thrill!

Same as the thrill of screwing a cow or of watching a film of some guy screwing a cow.

The world calls it tourism, but it really should be called bestiality.  If you have any doubts about this, just read the article below.

Cuba-lover with insatiable appetite

From Travel Weekly

Survey reveals an insatiable appetite for Cuba

A recent survey by Friendly Planet of clients who had visited Cuba under the tour operator’s people-to-people program revealed that the vast majority found the experience to have been transformative and want to do it again.

Of the 423 respondents, 81.3% said they would return to Cuba if given the chance.

“This is the highest level of interest in revisiting a location that I have ever seen for any of our tours,” said Friendly Planet President Peggy Goldman.

And she noted that appetite for the product had reached extreme levels “despite the fact that the people-to-people Cuba itineraries are challenging in terms of accommodations and rigor of activity. The days are busy and choreographed, participation in all activities is mandatory and some of the accommodations and facilities are not up to the usual standards.”

But the survey also suggested that the accommodations and itineraries were not high priorities among clients. Close to 75% said they had taken the trip simply because they were curious about life in a country off limits to most Americans.

The survey results underscore the program’s value in helping Americans and Cubans exchange ideas, share cultural experiences and learn from one another.

“Travelers on these programs are not going for luxury or comfort,” Goldman said. “They are going to interact and immerse themselves in a completely different culture.”

The Obama administration reinstated the people-to-people category of travel to Cuba in early 2011, following an eight-year hiatus, enabling any American to visit Cuba legally if escorted by a licensed company.



2 thoughts on “Tourists express insatiable appetite for slumming in the human zoo known as Cuba

  1. Yes, and they love the music and dancing and the Cubans who are so friendly and happy.
    I think it is time to be reminded of those readers who were shocked by In the Garden of Beasts that tourists were ready to ignore what was going on around them, the anti semitism, the beatings, the do not shop here signs, just so they could enjoy the fun of visiting Germany in early Nazi days. Those same readers would probably be happy to tour Cuba today ignoring the shock of the decaying buildings and the stories about torture and arrests that go on daily. And I know from first hand experience that those same readers were eager to see Sicko and enjoyed the movie because they were glad to see its honesty.
    Nothing I say makes a dent.
    It is not so much, with my friends at least, about having feelings of racial condescension, as it is that their blogs and news media only tell them what is convenient for them to hear. A left wing prejudice abhors in your face anti communist news.

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