Venezuela in Crisis: World continues to look the other way as Cuba-backed dictatorship rains terror on citizens

The world does not seem all that interested in the repression and terror being suffered by the people of Venezuela. Of course, the protests in the Ukraine and the violent response they garnered were newsworthy and deserved every bit of coverage, but the same journalists who were so concerned with the repression there have decided to turn a blind eye to essentially the same atrocities taking place in Venezuela.

There can be many reasons for this sin of omission. For starters, Venezuela’s puppet dictatorship and its Cuban colonial masters in Havana are the darlings of the news media. It is difficult for a media that leans heavily to the left to condemn one of their own, and even more difficult when they are icons of the heroic struggle against American imperialism. The little mention the protests in Venezuela have received from news agencies like Reuters and the AP is at best incomplete and at worst pure propaganda. Opposition leaders and pro-democracy student protestors who have been viciously beaten and gunned down by armed thugs and State Security agents are described as “hard-liners,” while the puppet dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro is given every opportunity to spew its propaganda in defense of their indefensible acts of terror.

As Cuban Americans, we are all too familiar with this media double standard. For more than half a century, we have watched major news agencies gloss over the human rights atrocities of the apartheid Castro dictatorship and completely ignore the tens of thousands of innocent Cubans murdered by this Stalinist, totalitarian regime. Thankfully, however, the work of thousands of human rights activists over the decades has acted as a counterbalance to the willful blindness of journalists. Through organizations, groups, and more recently through social media and forums such as this, the truth about the bloody repression in Cuba has been exposed.

This is why we are using the same methods to help our Venezuelan brothers and sisters struggling to rid themselves of the Castro-Communist yoke of tyranny. Below are some images of the bloody repression and terror raining down on Venezuelans and their brave stand against oppression that the news media refuses to show you:
Venezuelan Catholic priest, Father Carlos Camacho, is violently attacked by government thugs during a pro-democracy protest.
A member of the Venezuelan dictatorship’s GNB (National Bolivarian Guard) straddles an unarmed female protestor and begins to mercilessly beat her face with a helmet before another thug drags the student away by her hair.
A Venezuelan senior citizen is brutally attacked by GNB guards simply for peacefully joining protestors.
Massive turnout for pro-democracy protests in two dozen cities in Venezuela that are not all that interesting to the international news media.

See more images of what is really going on in Venezuela at Uncommon Sense.



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