Useful idiots from Akron want to reproduce Castronoid health care nightmare in Ohio

Dr. Yastaslisto Inventamierda y Besaculo, Cuba’s Minister of Medical Disinformation and Statistical Creativity

What is the ratio between evil people and useful idiots?  Is it 50/50?  Or is it lopsided?  Do the monsters outnumber the idiots, or is it the other way around?

Although the article below does not address this question, it does offer ample proof that gullible morons are not at all that difficult to find, even in the most distinguished professions.  It also proves that the monsters, who are extremely good at lying, continue to win the propaganda war.

God help the people of Akron.

Dr. Yanimeo Nicago Nicomo, Chief of Surgery, Karl Marx Clinic, Guanabacoa, preps neurosurgery operating theater for visitors from Akron, Ohio

Akron-area officials travel to Cuba to study community health-care practices

A group of government, hospital, academic and public-health leaders from the Akron area recently traveled to Cuba to learn ways to improve local medical care.
Why Cuba?

“What I wanted to do was put together a trip that would focus on taking people from the community here… to Cuba to get a sense of how a poor country has managed to actually create a health system that actually has the same health status of the United States — and they do it for a lot less money,” said trip organizer Dr. C. William Keck, former director of health for the city of Akron and a past president of the American Public Health Association.

Mayor Don Plusquellic, Akron Planning Director Marco Sommerville, Summit County Executive Russ Pry and Summa President and Chief Executive Thomas J. Strauss were among those who went on the weeklong trip. Sommerville attended because he is Akron’s representative on the Summit County Board of Health.

For some, including Plusquellic, this was a maiden voyage to Cuba. Not for Keck, though, who has been making regular trips to study the universal public health-care system in Cuba as a board member for a nonprofit group called Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba, or MEDICC for short.

MEDICC promotes cooperation among Cuba, the United States and other countries “to improve health outcomes and equity, offering the Cuban experience to inform global debate, policies and practice.”

According to MEDICC, Cuba has the lowest infant mortality rate in the hemisphere. The group’s research has found a child born in the eastern mountains of Cuba has a better chance of surviving than a baby born in Washington, D.C.

Ay, Dios mio…quick, let’s airlift all the babies from Washington to Castrogonia…. Keep reading HERE… It’s downright marvelous, this Cuban healthcare….

Dr. Yatejodistes Pal Carajo, Chief of Pediatrics, Medical School, University of Havana, shows visitors from Akron how to prevent every disease known to humankind




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