ABC and Fox networks lag way behind CBS in Cuba news competition

Most expensive humidor in Havana
The costliest humidor at the fair (whore not included)

ABC News and Fox News are so far behind CBS when it comes to coverage of events in Castrogonia that they felt compelled today to carry an Associated Press story, just to show that they could kind of keep up.  Kind of.  Sort of.

Of course, the “news” in question involves cigars.   CBS reported yesterday on a long-ash contest.  The best ABC and Fox could do is pass on stale news about a humidor auction.

The “news” itself was rather sad, as Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band might say: Decadent capitalists go to a communist slave plantation to spend over a million dollars on humidors and cigars.  And the communist slave owners take the money and lie through their teeth, claiming that the money will be used for health care.

Yeah, sure.  Health care for the slave owners.

Quick, where is the nearest vomitorium?

Mrs. Fidel Castro, common-law "wife" of the former president, having a very good time at the cigar fair in Havana
Mrs. Fidel Castro, common-law “wife” of the former president, talks to reporters at the cigar fair in Havana, praises dental care provided by The Revolution

From ABC News, and Fox News taken straight from AP:

 Humidor Auction Tops $1.1M in Havana

Cigar enthusiasts paid more than €798,000 ($1.1 million) for six handmade Cuban humidors early Saturday at the gala closing of Havana’s 16th annual Cigar Festival.

The hot item was a one-of-a-kind handcrafted humidor packed with Montecristo cigars that fetched €170,000 ($235,000).

Welsh crooner Tom Jones was among the invitees at Saturday’s auction and sang three songs for attending guests, including his signature “It’s Not Unusual.”

“I love Cuban cigars to start with. I started smoking Cuban cigars in the ’60s and I’ve never been to Cuba before. So this was a wonderful opportunity to come,” Jones said.

The most expensive Cuban cigars, currently the Cohiba Behike, can cost upward of €50 ($69) each in Europe and Canada.

Officials said this week that sales of Cuban cigars rose 8 percent last year, despite increasing anti-smoking measures around the world, continued recession fears in Europe and the U.S. embargo which bars Americans from purchasing island-made stogies.

While Europe remains the top market for Cuban cigar brands, sales in Asian nations including China are growing.

Proceeds from the auction were to go to Cuba’s state-run health-care system.



7 thoughts on “ABC and Fox networks lag way behind CBS in Cuba news competition

  1. They do this every year in Cuba. A couple of years ago, before the beast’s intestine’s burst and he “retired,” they had one such cigar event where the big item for sale were some boxes of Cohiba cigars that were autographed by the beast itself! Of course, it sucks that the media focuses on these things instead of on the dissidents. But, Cuba runs the show. So, between the fear of being expelled from Cuba for reporting on hard hitting stories and the admiration that the MSM has for castro, we can’t expect anything different. [sigh].

  2. Oh Lord! [sigh], that old black lady that has become the ubiquitous face of Cuba–her mug is on the cover of every travel book, magazine and newspaper article about tourism to Cuba–is exactly what the world always wanted Cuba to be. She reinforces that image of the entertaining, ridiculous, third world people of color that we are all supposed to be. And yet, people have the nerve to say that pre-castro Cuba was a kitsch, exploited country that depended on tourism and that castro gave us dignity by sweeping all of that away. Que horror!

  3. Wait, is that a typical Cuban or a typical Miccosukee hag? Hard to tell. The humidor, btw, looks tacky–the kind of kitsch somebody like Santana would go for (along with the whore).

  4. Notice, the model by the tacky looking humidor is a mulatta. You wouldn’t want to disappoint the Eurotrash and Canadians who went there to buy that crap. They have an image of Cuba, and well, you know, it has to be upheld.

  5. Yes, and she looks like a cross between Morticia from the Addams Family and ET. Notice how long her fingers are.

    And, yes, stereotypes must be maintained. But people of African descent now make up 75-80% of the Cuban population, the exact reverse of their percentage in 1959, when it was 75-80% European.

  6. And…. yes, the humidor is super tacky… picuo. Picuisimo…. Kitschy schlock at its very worst.

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