Berta Soler: “Cuba has a racist government”


She has been arrested, beaten, harassed, threatened, and subjected to acts of repudiation.  The Castro regime has also depicted her as a gorilla in a political cartoon.

ABC Spain has published an interview with Berta Soler, leader of the Ladies in White, in which –among other things– she blasts away at the racist policies of the Castro regime.

Now, let’s wait for responses from American “civil rights” leaders and self-anointed “social justice” activists who back the Castro regime: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Charles Rangel, Maxine Waters, Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover, Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, Michael Moore, et. al….

Yeah…. let’s wait.

“We have racism in the government,” she says, “but not among the people.”

“The best houses and the best jobs are reserved for whites,” charges Soler, adding that higher education and the tourist industry are dominated by whites.   She also points out that the majority of dissidents and prisoners on the island are of African descent.

“Blacks are the most destitute people in Cuba.  The government doesn’t provide them with opportunities, and this is why they should openly defend their rights and those of all the people.”

When asked if Cuba should follow the path of Ukraine, Soler replied that the island “should imitate not just what is happening in Ukraine, but also what is happening in Venezuela.”  Comparing dissent in these two countries to that in Cuba, Soler added that “there should be no spilling of blood” whatsoever.  Cuba, she points out, has already seen too much bloodshed. “In the past two weeks there have been around hundred deaths in Ukraine and around seventeen in Venezuela.  But how many deaths have we had in Cuba over the past fifty-five years?”


When asked about the potential lifting of sanctions against the Castro regime by the European Union, Soler said such a move would be “lamentable,” adding that she and other dissidents would continue to oppose the regime, even without the backing of the European Union. “They [the Castro regime] are just looking for more credit from Europe and the United States because that’s where the money is.”

“The source of Cuba’s problems  is not any embargo, but a system that doesn’t function,” said Soler.

Asked about the Castro regime’s claims that there are no political prisoners in Cuba, Soler replied: “When anyone is arrested by State Security, what you have is a political prisoner, not a common criminal.”

Entire interview HERE, in Spanish.



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  1. Alas, Carlos, “official” black Americans would rather believe the cynical, opportunistic lies of a decrepit “progressive” white bastard than the truths put before them by Cubans even blacker than Mandela. As much as such willful blindness disgusts me, it must be even harder to swallow for people like Soler, Biscet and Antunez, because it’s another form of racism (like black-on-black discrimination based on exact skin tone or type of hair).

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