Cuba’s Castro dictatorship exports food shortages to Venezuela

No Cubanization of a country by Cuba’s communist dictatorship would be complete without food shortages and Venezuela is learning that first hand. Like in Cuba, it does not necessarily mean there is a shortage of food of Venezuela. Instead, it is a clear sign that the Castro-Communists who are running Venezuela are accomplishing their goal of pillaging  that country’s economy and plunging the nation into the dark abyss of despair and fear. Despondent and fearful people are much easier to control and enslave than those who are hopeful and courageous.

Via The Guardian:

Venezuela divisions deepen as protest over food shortages is halted

National Guardsmen prevent ‘empty pots’ march from reaching food ministry as Maduro government denounces US

Marchers in Caracas bang pots in protest at food shortages.

Hundreds of National Guardsmen in riot gear and armoured vehicles prevented an “empty pots march” from reaching Venezuela’s food ministry on Saturday to protest against chronic food shortages.

President Nicolás Maduro’s socialist government, meanwhile, celebrated an Organisation of American States (OAS) declaration supporting its efforts to bring a solution to the country’s worst political violence in years, calling it a diplomatic victory. The United States, Canada and Panama were the only nations to oppose the declaration.

“The meddling minority against Venezuela in the OAS, Panama, Canada and the US, is defeated in a historic decision that respects our sovereignty,” government spokeswoman Delcy Rodriguez tweeted.

Later on Saturday, several hundred student protesters trying to block streets with barricades skirmished with riot police who fired tear gas in the wealthy Caracas district of Chacao, in what has become a near daily ritual.

There were no immediate reports of injuries as motorcycle-mounted riot police, taunted from apartment buildings, chased protesters through darkening streets.

Earlier, more than 5,000 protesters banged pots, blew horns and whistles and carried banners in the capital to decry crippling inflation and shortages of basics including flour, milk and toilet paper. Similar protests were held in at least five other cities.

All over Venezuela, people spend hours every week queuing at supermarkets, often before dawn, without even knowing what may arrive.

“There’s nothing to buy. You can only buy what the government lets enter the country because everything is imported. There’s no beef. There’s no chicken,” said Zoraida Carrillo, a 50-year-old marcher in Caracas.

The capital’s government-allied mayor had refused the marchers a permit to hold the “empty pots” rally, leading opposition leader Henrique Capriles to accuse authorities of trying to “criminalise” peaceful protests.

“Nicolas [Maduro] is afraid of the empty pots of our people. He mobilises hundreds of soldiers against empty pots,” he said of the man who defeated him by a razor-thin margin in April presidential elections.

Capriles also reiterated opposition complaints that the government is sending “functionaries and groups of paramilitaries which they have armed to put down protests”.

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Here is a Tweet of a massive line to buy food (translation by Fausta’s Blog):

This in NOT a demonstration, this is a line to buy food in Venezuela. The result of 15 years of Chavismo.



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  1. You know what the key problem is? That nearly half the country is STILL pulling for chavismo. I’d chalk it up to Latrine dysfunction, except that the key problem in the US is that about half the voters are prepared to elect somebody as atrociously unfit as Obama POTUS. Twice.

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