The generational shift in Cuba “Expert” attitudes

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Hope I die before I get old…”

“Expropriating U.S. holdings, Cuba was able to halt a capital drain in the form of remitted profits.” (William M. LeoGrande, Dean of School of Public Affairs American University, “Cuban Dependency: A Comparison of Pre-Revolutionary and Post-Revolutionary International Economic Relations.” 1979.)

Got it? Apparently allowing U.S. corporations to do business in Cuba was very, very bad for Cuba. Even though Cuba enjoyed a higher-standard of living than half of Europe at the time, and enjoyed a flood of immigrants from same. So Castro set things straight by stealing, at Soviet gunpoint, all the Cuba-based subsidiaries of these evil, exploiting, Cuba-impoverishing U.S. corporations.

Best we can gather remittances between the U.S. and Cuba were also very, very bad.

Nowadays, however, Cuba “experts” devote much of their time and energy to promoting the entry of U.S. corporation into Cuba on any terms and to defending the flow of remittances between the U.S. and Cuba.

“Today, the larger problem is the climate of fear in the (U.S.)government bureaucracy, where even honest reporting about Cuba — let alone advocating a more sensible policy (by which Leogrande means allowing U.S. corporations back into Cuba–but on Castro’s terms, i.e. without any of the labor legislation, etc. enjoyed by Cuban workers enjoyed in the 40, 50’s) can endanger one’s career.” (William Leogrande, Foreign Policy mag.)

Got it? According to Dean Leogrande simply advocating an end to the Cuban embargo is a Beltway career killer. You have probably noticed all the pro-embargo reporting within that same Beltway. You have probably noticed how the sanctions are NEVER derided as “counterproductive” or “archaic” or “failed.” You have probably noticed all the career-suicides as a result of being quoted–as an “expert” or a lawmaker–in the articles, policy-papers, symposiums, lectures, etc. in which the “embargo” is derided as “counterproductive,” “archaic”…blah…blah.

In brief, nowadays Leogrande’s lust to get U.S. corporations back into Cuba is such that he makes statements (and “respectable” publications publish them) characterized by such insanity that no tinfoil hatter would dare utter them in public, for fear of instant and universal derision.

It’s simply wonderful to see an evolution from those archaic, counterproductive, cold-war attitudes stubbornly held by most Cuba “experts” until barely a decade ago. And it’s highly amusing to see this “generational shift” take place withing the same person.





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  1. Just a variant on the classic, archetypal hypocrisy of South Africa vs. Cuba. Peogrande should know it’s obvious, but as long as all the “right” people are OK with it, effectively it does not exist and does not matter. Remember, condoned and enabled hypocrisy, like any form of abuse, is guaranteed to go on as long as it’s condoned and enabled.

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