On Rubio’s Resurgence

Recently I was commenting on Facebook about how conservatives have thrown Senator Marco Rubio overboard because he took it upon himself to try to forge an immigration reform compromise. I lamented the fact that he was being called a traitor and RINO despite his having accrued conservative ratings from the American Conservative Union (the people who put on CPAC every year) of 96, 100 and 100. My PJ Media editor saw my comments and asked me to write about in depth. Here it is:

Has Marco Rubio Been Resurrected?
An objectively incorrect litmus test damaged him in the first place.

Two weeks ago, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) gave an impassioned speech about Cuba and Venezuela on the Senate floor. This was his response to a floor speech by Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA), who had recently visited Castro’s Cuba and predictably came back with rave reviews of the Potemkin village.

Rubio dismantled Harkin’s rosy assessment of the hemisphere’s longest-running and bloodiest dictatorship. Many observers described it as Rubio’s finest demonstration of his oratory skills, and a speech that might put him back in the good graces of the conservative Republican base.

Marco Rubio has touched the third rail of conservative politics — immigration reform. He was the most visible of a group of Republicans that attempted to forge a compromise to help solve the problem of the estimated 12 million illegal aliens living within our borders. The issue is so toxic within the Republican Party that many simply wrote Rubio off despite the fact that the initiative didn’t go anywhere.

I never thought I’d see the day when a Republican would have to rehabilitate his conservative image after committing the sin of agreeing with the likes of Jack Kemp, Bill Kristol, Lawrence Kudlow, and Steve Forbes, not to mention Ronald Reagan. But that day has indeed arrived, much to my befuddlement.

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22 thoughts on “On Rubio’s Resurgence

  1. I think that Rubio screwed up big time. He never should have allowed himself to be swayed by the MSM that depicted him the new “Latino” face of the Republican party. They suckered him into believing that he could hope for the presidency if only he reached out to “Latinos”. They kept on merging the line between Cuban Americans and Latinos as if it were undifferentiated. Rubio was in this way fooled into believing that chicanos and other latinos would vote for him if only he spearheaded some sort of immigration compromise.

    That said, that article did not go well with the conservatives on PJ. The comments by the readers are solidly negative. Go check. Here is a typical angry response:

    “And it would be foolhardy for the Republican Party to appear to be a group of nativists.”

    Group of nativists? So that’s your “Bottom Line”. And you are so sick, and filled with hate, you probably believe it. Should have seen it coming. Your name calling is pathetic and so are you. You are no better than Al Sharpton. The same sick show just under a different tent. You are actually worse as he doesn’t try to pretend he’s looking out for America. When Rubio was wearing his false face and saying he was against amnesty, did you call him a “naivist”?

    PJM had better hope it’s other writters are not judged by you.

  2. I spoke to Rubio before he was seated and told him not to betray his promises to those who voted for him and he assured me he wouldn’t.
    So what is the first big thing he does? He allies himself with Schumer and allows himself to be photographed with that smarmy, untrustworthy fellow and gets suckered into a deal on immigration that goes against conservative principles. I don’t know why you say Reagan had the same view. Reagan did not appreciate those breaking our laws – just look how Reagan handled the air comptrollers. I believe it was his dem congress who, as dems do all the time, promised him enforcement if only he would do such and such and as usual they got their such and such and the enforcement never came.
    Rubio didn’t have to do anything on immigration. There are enough issues to fight for without our falling for the silliness of the dems that if the Reps want to ever win elections, they must learn to appeal to “hispanics”.

    Rubio erred big time and lost my trust and that of a lot of other conservatives. He is a good man with good principles and good speeches. But I will not congratulate him for what he tried on immigration reform. Why hand the dems 12 million more votes? Because you know that no matter what they bargain for and promise about this not being amnesty, the first thing that will happen and soon is amnesty for all – out of “compassion”.
    I like Rubio, but I am not ready to trust him now with the big enchilada. Let someone else run for president this time.

    Please understand that some people, like big business, have an interest in making it easier for illegals. But for now in this country, especially in these precarious times when we are not tracing people who could be our enemies, this is not time for anything but enforcement of our borders and of the immigrants who must be identifiable with electronically recognizable and specific to each person photo IDS. They can have work permits and go home when the work is done.

    After all that is done, and after Obama is out of office and the reps control the both houses, then perhaps we can talk about a path to citizenship of some of them who are here. But do not excuse Rubio his big blunder.

  3. Even if it were a matter of perception, of just looking bad, Rubio set himself up to look bad, and he should have known better. I think he clearly got carried away, and that shows poor judgment. I now see him as uncomfortably reminiscent of JFK, who could also sound impressive, but it’s not so much about what you say, let alone how photogenic you are, but about what you actually do and what you accomplish.

  4. I also cast my vote with those showing the ‘thumbs down’ on Rubio. To me – ONLY because of…not only his position on Immigration, but for FIGHTING FOR IT ON BEHALF OF THE RATS… he went from being my ‘Perfect Presidential candidate’ to ‘no candidate’!

  5. Honey writes:

    “Rubio didn’t have to do anything on immigration. There are enough issues to fight for without our falling for the silliness of the dems that if the Reps want to ever win elections, they must learn to appeal to “hispanics”. Rubio erred big time and lost my trust and that of a lot of other conservatives….Why hand the dems 12 million more votes?”

    Honey, you hit the nail on the head! Let me add that the reason that Rubio wanted to hand the dems 12 million more votes is, because the mainstream media set him up and suckered him into believing that “Latinos” would vote for him if he brokered an immigration deal. He is not too bright, despite his brilliant speeches, or rather, his ego is so large that he got starstruck with all of the talk about being the first “Lateeno” president. As a Cuban American, he should have known that most Latinos would never vote for him. He should have also stayed true to his base, the Tea Party. He screwed up big time. I’m ashamed of him and I understand the sentiment of the commentators at PJ. It’s a pity. At this rate, he might not even win a second term as senator, let alone the presidency.

  6. Rayarena, I hope you are wrong about the votes for Senator. I think Rubio learned his lesson and will not make such a mistake again. I still like him in the Senate. He is a good Senator otherwise and I hope he gets reelected.

    Incidentally, I think the fact that Sink lost is a good sign for November. There was a Libertarian candidate siphoning votes away from the Republican and Sink spent a fortune. We won based on being anti Obamacare and not being interested in the global warmongers.
    Please let this be a good sign fro us for November.

  7. Also incidentally, I love this headline from Google:

    Victory in Florida Race Bolsters Midterm Hopes for Republic….
    New York Times? – 10 hours ago

    It is so funny. It really says “Bolsters Midterm Hopes for Republicans” meaning victories in November. But look what the headline says. Perfect!

  8. Rubio betrayed his base..It’s a serious and grave mistake for a candidate that campaigned on going to DC and changing the culture to do what he did. Hooking up with the vile Liberals and the ones Conservatives have been calling RINOS for years now is a serious slap in the face….Rubio blew it! As conservatives we need to be consistent. If Allen West runs against him next election, I would recommend West! Being of Cuban descent does not automatically gain you my vote! Being a Conservative does!

  9. The problem is guys like Jorge Ramos and Univision, that put everyone that speaks spanish into one category. According to Univision, Jorge Ramos and La Opinion in Los Angeles, we all have to think like they do. We all have to be Democrats vote to Legalize all 12 million illegal immigrants, and be on Medacaid. They hate the conservative hispanic, whether it is a cuban or not.

  10. The problem is not so much Ramos or Univision but the people who choose to be good little plantation dwellers. As for Rubio, he both overreached and underestimated the course (or overestimated his abilities). Maybe it was a rookie mistake, but it was a very flashy one, and it’s gonna take more than nice speeches to overcome it.

  11. Well, as long as it’s a satire or spoof deal. I’ve just lost all tolerance for the guy. Too much of a Jackass.

  12. That’s the character Jack Torrance from The Shining. One of Stanley Kubrick’s most underrated masterpieces.

    As a favor to you, I’ve changed it to something more palatable. Carnac The Magnificent is a more accurate avatar for me, apropos of this post…

  13. Whatever his motives, Marco can’t permanently delete all those mini-speeches and photo-ops with the likes of Schumer; he forgot that a sack of fresh apples will never fix a rotten one in the bag. He consciously decided to join the choir of the left and the special interests looking for an innovative way to violate immigration law. I continued to support him after he hit the Senate, until he pulled his trick; then I wrote him + suggested he move his wife and munchkins to the border here in Texas………and my name went off his radar and his emails ceased.

    Too bad-so sad. I don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater b/c he remains a force for good in many areas. But he’s become damaged goods in an issue the left keeps using to entrench itself permanently. No, mijo, no se puede.

  14. Even if Rubio got suckered in by the MSM on the “Gang of Eight” immigration amnesty scam, what he showed is that he lacks the judgement and political smarts to navigate in DC. As far as I am concerned, he is definitely not nor will he ever be presidential material. Whether he can get another term as senator is not at all certain, but I’m not a FL resident, so that is up to you who live in the state. He blew it big-time, and he knows it. All his talk now is nothing but hot air (yawn!). Ted Cruz is now my presidential favorite. He has shown he’s got the integrity, smarts and steely determination to do the job that needs to be done to turn this country around.

  15. I want Cruz to stay in the Senate. We need him there.
    My preference is for a governor to win. I am immensely impressed with Pence and have liked him for a long time.
    And Jindal is divine. He is funny in person and very smart. A Pence/Jindal ticket would be my favorite.

  16. Well Carnac, since you’re on a roll please send Saturday’s Lotto numbers, it’ll be greatly appreciated, thanks.

    The Hialeah dog catcher position will be up for election come November 2016, this time the race will feature two very high profile candidates.

    The Democrats will feature perennial candidate and former Hialeah Mayor Raul Martinez.

    The Republican side will feature soon to be former Florida Senator Marco Rubio, but the spoiler in the race could be Felo from “La Saguesera” who recently moved into the neighborhood to qualify for the race as an Independent.

    The race promises to be one of the most hotly contested and debated of this election cycle, thought my money still is on Felo.

    Stay tuned for further developments.

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