Not Surprised by Cuba’s Weapons Smuggling to North Korea

By Mauricio Claver-Carone in the Huffington Post:

Not Surprised by Cuba’s Weapons Smuggling to North Korea lot of people were baffled — although it’s not clear why the befuddlement — that Cuba’s Castro brothers were caught red-handed smuggling fighter jets, radar and missile components, and other weaponry to Kim Jong-un and North Korea in violation of the U.N. Security Council’s arms embargo.

It was no great surprise to those who’ve watched the defiant dictators of Cuba. We know the Castros don’t think with their brains first. Instead they remain obsessed with flashing their cojones. What’s baffling is that year after year they still get with away with it.

It can’t be a surprise either that the world’s remaining totalitarian states pursue their own survival, mutually assisting each other politically, economically and militarily. Apparently neither wants the dubious honor of becoming the world’s sole remaining totalitarian state.

Throughout their long rule in Cuba, the Castro brothers have acted illegally and irresponsibly with brawn — even when it’s borrowed at the time from allies-of-convenience. It’s a “machismo” thing that they enjoy practicing at home, as for example, their use of brute force against the Havana democracy advocates known worldwide as “The Ladies in White.”

In 1962, Fidel Castro was lusting over the nuclear missiles of the Soviet Union. He provoked the “Cuban Missile Crisis” and then urged Nikita Khrushchev, then-Soviet premier, to push the button and launch a nuclear strike against the United States. The Castro objective was: Kill tens of millions of Americans. Khrushchev wrote about the incident in his memoirs concluding that Fidel Castro is crazy. Apparently Fidel and Raul didn’t care that the United States would retaliate and obliterate the island of Cuba.

The Castros’ power fantasies and fallacies don’t seem to fade. In the 1980s, Fidel’s ego took a beating and Cuba’s economy foundered under the weight of his ill-considered military adventures in Africa, which became deeply unpopular in Cuba. To keep playing on the world stage, the Castros are always searching for “hard currency” and the Angola war was one way to extract it from the Soviet Union.

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One thought on “Not Surprised by Cuba’s Weapons Smuggling to North Korea

  1. Let’s cut the crap already, USA intervened in Cuban affairs to place Castro in power and has done nothing but protect him since. Why are we still acting surprised? Wasn’t Elian enough?

    Cuban generals left Cuba do to USA’s persistent intervention in Cuban affairs on the side of Castro. A hand full of improvised thugs on an island and with fake military uniforms don’t chase away militaries anywhere and if Batista did not kill that imprisoned piece of spoiled trash for attacking Moncada like a delusional and suicidal nut-job, as he should have, it was because he feared the bad press more than he did Castro. Forget Castro’s money and connections, no money would have been enough had Batista seen Castro as a threat. So much for “evil dictator” Batista, R.Trujillo would have eliminated him in five minutes.

    Yet, by 1958 Batista knew that the CIA was arming and aiding Castro against him, that USA wanted him out, and that Washington was ignoring his warnings that Castro had Soviet ties. Batista was only six years, Castro has been more than half a century now, if USA ever wanted to get rid of that miserable and blabbering termite of Castro it would have done so in a weekend and a very long time ago.

    It was American Frank Sturgis of the CIA who was sent to arm and train Castro against their own ally Batista. What were the condescending two-faced imbeciles of the Americans doing placing an arms embargo on Batista and directly propping thugs against a general that had long been their ally and a business partner for the sake of an improvised thug with Soviet ties?

    More so, how the hell does an island 90 miles off of USA and with a U.S. Naval Base right on its soil become a Soviet satellite state by surprise? Does anyone really believe that garbage? With “friends” either as stupid or dishonest as this I rather be alone.

    After overlooking years of theft, mass murder, infiltration, regional destabilization, cocaine trafficking, and arms dealing it’s obvious by now that they want that cult-leader there. By now we have seen far too much selective indignation and shamelessness to know better.

    As far as friends and honesty goes, in plain Cuban “buena mierda, vayan pa’l coño de su madre…” After all I’ve already seen I don’t doubt that Venezuela’s petrodollars cease to exist tomorrow and the embargo is lifted the following day.

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