American “intellectuals” rally in support of Cubazuelan dictatorship


Yeah.  They’re at it again.  Some leaders of the self-anointed thinking class in the USA have banded together in defense of tyrant Nicolas Maduro and written to Secretary of State John Kerry, urging him to help the Cubazuelan tyrant crush the popular uprising that threatens to topple the marvelous Bolivarian “Revolution.”

Citing the support given to Maduro’s tyranny by the Castronoid Latrine American cartels of ALBA and CELAC, these so-called intellectuals have the nerve to argue that Maduro represents democracy.  Naturally, they also cite Jimmy Carter as the ultimate authority on the legitimacy of Cubazuela’s “democratic” process.

“We urge you to reaffirm a commitment to democracy, in this case Venezuela’s democratic institutions and the will of the Venezuelan people, which twice over the past ten months has affirmed support for the administration of Nicolás Maduro through an electoral process that former president Jimmy Carter has described as the “best in the world.” Doing so could help engender good will in the region and discourage more violence. We fear that doing the opposite will have unfortunate consequences both for the people of Venezuela and for U.S.-Latin American relations.”

Curiously, among the forty who signed this letter, only four have Hispanic surnames.  This is odd, yes, but not surprising.

The field of Latin American studies here in the USA is led by non-Hispanics who have colonized the study of all Spanish- and Portuguese- speaking countries in the Western hemisphere.   It is these non-Hispanics who have set the major paradigms for interpreting all things Latin American.  Their paradigms — which can only be ignored at the risk of professional suicide — have a decidedly Marxist bent.   Two topics dominate their approach: class and race.  A third has been added in the past two decades: gender.   “Exploitation” of one kind or another is an obsession, as is the simplistic binary of “elites” and “subalterns.”

Yes, there are Hispanics involved in Latin American studies.  But in order to earn their credentials these Hispanics have had to work with the paradigms provided by the non-Hispanic leaders of the field.  This means that those Hispanics who go into Latin American Studies have to agree with the reductionist Marxist-leaning paradigms or at least pretend that they agree with them.  The net result is that the bias in the field drives away dissenters.

This letter to John Kerry, which is sorely lacking in Hispanic signatories — and which unashamedly defends a brutal dictatorship as a “democracy” — is conclusive proof of the intellectual corruption that reigns in the field of Latin American studies, as well as of its continued domination by neocolonial non-Hispanics who have a very large and sharp Marxist ax to grind.  These very same individuals publicly worship at the altar of “diversity” but are among the least diverse of all the cabals that dominate the world of higher education in the United States.

And it is within this exclusive club that one can find the preferred “Cuba experts” cited by the news media.


From Capitol Hill Cubans:

Unbelievable: U.S. Academics Urge Support for Maduro

A group of 46 U.S. academics have written an open letter (published by Al Jazeera) to Secretary of State John Kerry, urging him to support the Cuban-controlled government of Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro.

These academics gloss over the dismantling of democratic institutions by Chavez-Maduro, including its control over the judiciary, the electoral commission, and its crackdown on independent media and government opponents.

Predictably, they ignore the widespread human rights abuses and repression taking place against student protesters.

Instead, they make this mind-boggling assertion:

“Images of violent episodes from the past have been presented as current events on outlets such as CNN, and numerous images of incidents from Greece, Spain, Belarus, Chile and other countries are being falsely presented as having occurred in Venezuela on YouTube, Twitter and other social media.”

And to think that these absurd individuals are teaching young people.




4 thoughts on “American “intellectuals” rally in support of Cubazuelan dictatorship

  1. So they don’t just defend the exceedingly dubious electoral process in Venezuela, but actually imply, via Carter (that supreme authority on all things foreign and domestic), that it’s “the best in the world.” WOW. Not just OK but the BEST. They also imply that all the many, MANY actual Venezuelans who vehemently disagree with such an astonishing vote of confidence are, in fact, either wrong or perverse, not to say fascists. If these academics actually believe what they’re saying in this letter, they’re no better than the deluded followers of some cult leader like Jim Jones. If they don’t really believe it, they’re even worse, MUCH worse, and I’m afraid the latter is more plausible than the former. Lord have mercy.

  2. Here is an actual quote from Lillian Hellman in her book An Unfinished woman:

    “intellectuals can tell themselves anything,sell themselves on any bill of goods, which is why they were so often patsies for…..twentieth century Russia and America”
    Don’t you just love that equation of Russia and America as equally evil?

    But the real irony of the quote is that she does not realize that she is talking about herself. At her death, long after we all understood about the evils of the Soviets, she left I believe it was two million dollars to the International Communist movement.
    So, asombra, does she realize that she is talking about herself or is she oblivious that she is the patsy?

  3. Honey, we’re obviously talking about seriously twisted people. It’s hard to tell how much is delusion or “true believer” lunacy and how much is perversity, but I expect there’s both. But I love the classic “moral equivalency” dodge, which is basically a self-serving rationalization. Typical.

  4. Honey, I assume you’re familiar with Mary McCarthy’s famous quip about Hellman. She said that every word Hellman wrote was a lie, including ‘and’ and ‘the.’

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