Medical slaves within Castro Kingdom about to get a small raise


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Castrogonia’s Ministry of Small Raises announced yesterday that it would increase the salaries of its domestic medical professionals by 100 percent and in some cases by as much as 200 percent.

This means that their average pay is going up from 30 to 60 dollars a month. Some lucky doctors might be boosted to 90 dollars a month.

The reason for this?  It seems that the recent defection of some slave doctors in Brazil — which forced the slaveowners to raise the salaries of exported doctors to as much as 1,000 dollars a month (half of which is kept in Havana until their return)– has had a ripple effect.

The discrepancy between domestic and foreign salaries was apparently deemed too much by the doctors themselves back at home.  Though any increase is still an improvement, all of the medical slaves will still be earning a pittance.  Even the exported doctors are still earning sub-poverty salaries in the countries where they are working, way below what the native physicians earn.

One  more interesting fact from this Reuters report:

The most profitable export of Castrogonia  is medical slave labor.

HAVANA, March 21 (Reuters) – Cuba announced sweeping wage increases for its 440,000 healthcare workers on Friday, including those sent abroad, citing the billions of dollars they earn for the country and the need to improve local services.

Monthly salaries for doctors and nurses will be increased by 100 percent to nearly 200 percent, including for many of the 50,000 healthcare providers working overseas, according to a government statement carried by state-run media.

The measure, which takes effect in May, will “contribute to the stability and quality of medical services for the population as well as completion of international commitments”, the statement said.

The World Bank reported that in 2010 Cuba had 6.7 physicians per 1,000 inhabitants, the highest in the world.

Cuba has been sending more and more doctors abroad, including 11,400 recently exported to Brazil, leaving local residents complaining the policy is affecting the Communist-run country’s free healthcare.

Healthcare providers sent abroad earn many times the average $30 per month of their colleagues remaining at home, who have been expected to pick up the slack without increased compensation.

There is no private healthcare in Cuba, however, some doctors and nurses have taken to providing services on the side and many say they are forced to accept presents or work other jobs to survive.

Some doctors sent abroad do not return home, though the government has never reported how many.

The export of healthcare services is by far Cuba’s most important hard currency earner.

“In 2014 the earnings plan for the export of health services will increase to more than 8.2 billion CUC (convertible pesos pegged to the dollar),” the statement said.



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  1. These doctors are being churned out like sausages on an assembly line, and it’s all about the MONEY.

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