Son of Cuba’s sinister Interior Minister living in Miami
Josué Colomé Vázquez
Photo: Neoclub Press

Is anyone really surprised?

Via The Miami Herald:

Son of Cuban Interior Minister lives in Miami

The son of Cuban Interior Minister Abelardo Colomé Ibarra, one of the island’s most powerful and feared figures, has defected and joined the long list of relatives of top government officials now living in South Florida, according to a Miami blog.

Josué Colomé Vázquez crossed from Mexico to Texas and arrived in Miami one month ago, according to the list published by Cuba Al Descubierto — Cuba Uncovered — a blog that focuses on sensitive information about the island and its ruling class.

His Facebook page includes recent photos showing him in a bathing suit on Miami Beach and in a gym, his new car, two pairs of fancy sneakers, a lobster dinner and a gathering with friends at a Hooters restaurant.

Also on the list compiled by blog editor Luis Dominguez are the sons of three senior Cuba figures — a former intelligence chief, a former top diplomat in Washington and the godfather of virtually all of Latin America’s leftist guerrillas.

Dominguez said he has been gathering the names for months and published them late Wednesday to highlight the case of one of his cousins, a Cuban doctor who defected while working in Venezuela last year but has been repeatedly denied a U.S. visa.

“Where is the justice, morality and national security when visas are issued to members of the Castro nomenklatura (ruling class) and are denied to Cuban doctors in other countries,” he wrote in a his blog post.

His cousin was denied the U.S. visa because she could not prove she was in Venezuela as part of an official Cuban program, Dominguez added, “an absurd argument because it is known that there is no other way for a Cuban doctor to go there.”

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9 thoughts on “Son of Cuba’s sinister Interior Minister living in Miami

  1. This is a perfect example of how Obama and company selectively give freedom to those who would undermine our liberty.

  2. Oh, he looks very conflicted, angst-ridden and filled with shame. That happy, carefree face must be an act–he probably doesn’t want people thinking he’s depressed. I expect he’s really all torn up inside over his appalling pedigree. Or NOT.

    But don’t blame him for a second for taking advantage of a system that lets itself be played like this–and you’d better believe his case is not unique or a fluke.

  3. No doubt there are MANY offspring of former or current Castro regime big shots who have ZERO problem availing themselves of the, uh, amenities, advantages and opportunities of the capitalist world, specifically “the empire,” and who feel perfectly entitled to do so. Inconsistency? Contradiction? Hypocrisy? Shamelessness? Who cares, as long as they can get away with it? Why wouldn’t they go for it, when it’s apparently all too easy and just there for the taking? It’s not as if their genetic inheritance is likely to steer them otherwise, now is it?

  4. Follow the money, he just crossed over and he can afford all of this? probably no job as spying on the gusanos is not really a job, is it?

  5. There once was a time when such shameless trash feared setting foot on Miami for they knew what they had coming, rightly so. Yet, this is where we are today. Not only does Uncle Sam let them come in, the “mafia” lets them stroll peacefully to do nothing but gossip as if it was someone else’s job to do something about it. Granted, today this disclosed appendage would be more fearful of walking through Caracas than among his exiled compatriots in Miami. I’ll leave it at that.

    This mariconcito did not flee communist Cuba, he is simply enjoying himself and taking advantage of his privileged existence thanks to Castro Inc. (where the exploited population is not allowed in restaurants (those that are can’t even afford it) or even permitted to visit the next province without government authorization).

    This appendage is not in Miami to lift a single finger for the benefit of USA or that of Cuba’s. The spoiled politburo brat is in Miami to make better use of daddy’s money and slander those that made such city worth his while simply to defend his status, like the entitled, vile, hypocrite, shameless, and envious trash they all are, before going back to Cuba to parade as a big fish next to daddy in the slaved and crumbling communist sewer his daddy works so hard to impose at the total expense of a nation.

  6. I predict he will show up at a place where Carlos Eire is speaking to be a troll and tell everyone there how wonderful Cuba is.

  7. But note how these “hijitos de papá” choose Miami. Why don’t they go to any of a great number of Spanish-speaking countries where their background would be an asset? Why don’t they go to some “Latino” hub like LA? Why Miami, the least appropriate place possible for them, not to mention the least honorable?

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