Reports from Venezuela: Political Rape

By Juan Cristobal Nagel in Caracas Chronicles:

Political rape
No sexism here

Last night, Venezuela’s Supreme Tribunal said that, indeed, Maria Corina Machado’s expulsion from the National Assembly could stand. On its own, this shouldn’t seem so shocking – chavismo has created a habit of kicking people out of Parliament, out of city hall, and out of politics altogether. But Maria Corina is no Richard Mardo, and she is no Maria Mercedes Aranguren – no offense to either one.

In twisting the law to slam one of the opposition’s most visible political leaders, the government is signalling that repression is only going to escalate. The move against Machado will only heighten tensions, and it reeks of petty vindictiveness. It is also incredibly sexist.

Machado was expelled as payback for the trip she took to the OAS a few days ago. As you may recall, she traveled to Washington to speak to the OAS about Venezuela after Panama invited her. Machado was expelled for supposedly accepting a job as Panamanian “ambassador” to the OAS – never mind that the OAS Secretary General has clearly stated that she appeared as a Venezuelan legislator. Venezuela’s maneuvering meant that Machado did not actually get to speak to the General Assembly and make her case, but this meant nothing to Venezuela’s institutions.

Machado is hugely popular among the opposition’s hard core base. The people who are protesting the loudest are not likely to take this lying down. But as the government moves against the opposition’s most visible female political leader, one has to wonder – if Machado had been a man, would they have done this? They have already beaten her up. They have tried to beat her up again. They have insulted,demeaned and sexualized her. Through it all, she has stood strong.

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One thought on “Reports from Venezuela: Political Rape

  1. Ah, Latrine legitimacy. Talk about an oxymoron. And yes, this outrageously trumped up business will be condoned, tacitly if not overtly, by the rest of the Latrine world. And no, they’re not especially ashamed of it, because this is par for the course and they’re quite used to it.

    It occurs to me that, while the concept of an inferior race or people can be extremely dangerous, it is not necessarily invalid. It was obviously invalid as applied to the Jews, but that was based on resentment, envy and fear, not to mention that it was completely contradicted by Biblical authority. Even if one dismisses religious considerations, as would be done by many, the copious evidence of Jewish accomplishment is so strong that the idea of Jews being an inferior people is absurd. However, what’s the track record of the Latrine people since the end of Spanish rule in the early 19th century? Do the math.

    So what about Cuba, then? It’s been a progressively worse disaster since 1959, but in the 50+ years between its independence from Spain and its plunge into the totalitarian abyss, it was a brilliant success and a wonder to behold by Latrine standards. Obviously something went fatally wrong, but that was based on an alien perversion of foreign origin, the same one which Cuba’s greatest figure, José Martí, had warned against long before said poison had laid to waste Cuba’s achievements and tremendous promise.

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