Venezuela: 30 military officials arrested for conspiracy to topple Cuba-controlled dictatorship

Via Maduradas (my translation):

30 officials arrested for conspiracy to topple Maduro


According to reports to UN by high-level sources in Miraflores, thirty military officials of varying ranks have been arrested and are under investigation for suspicion of being involved in a conspiracy to topple president Nicolas Maduro.

Among those arrested are the brothers Riviera Lago, one a colonel and the other a lieutenant colonel. Also two members of the National Guard, two from the navy, and one from the army. These are added to the generals arrested three weeks earlier, Oswaldo Hernandez Sanchez, Jose Machillanda Diaz, and Carlos Millan Yaguaracuto. The generals are all from the air force, like the majority of those involved in the alleged conspiracy.

Intelligence agencies received reports by various officials in the military about “something strange” the military personnel were planning, leading to an operation of surveillance and the monitoring of their communications that began a while before the arrests.

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3 thoughts on “Venezuela: 30 military officials arrested for conspiracy to topple Cuba-controlled dictatorship

  1. They should have taken notes from Chile’s Pinochet and acted a very long time ago. Yet, what is there to be expected from fools who, for 16 years, have tolerated the infiltration and loss of billions of dollars to the most fraudulent, oppressed, and decrepit state in Latrine America.

    There is no denying that when Castro took power the Cuban populace served him as spoiled idiots but Castro was being endorsed by USA and denying to be a communist. What these Venezuelan morons were thinking half a century later while cozying up with Castro is another level of ignorance and imbecility. Honduras, despite its insignificance, demonstrated to have more intelligence and courage (to the denouncement of USA and Obama, of course).

    Anyhow, I see that Maduro is taking notes of his own and also starting to sport fake military attire a la Castro.

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