Alan Gross, American aid worker held hostage by Castro regime wants out of Cuba dead or alive

So do a few million Cubans on the island…

Via CNN:

Alan Gross, American jailed in Cuba, wants next birthday to be last in cell

Alan Gross, center, visits with his wife, Judy, left, and attorney Scott Gilbert in 2013.

(CNN) — When Alan Gross reaches his 65th birthday next month, he will tell himself that it will be the last one he spends in a Cuban prison cell, Gross’ attorney said Wednesday.

“His hunger strike took a toll on him,” Gross’ attorney Scott Gilbert told CNN during a trip to Havana to visit his client. “He told me yesterday that his birthday that he marks on May 2 would be the last birthday that he marks in Havana.”

Gross is serving a 15-year sentence for bringing satellite communications equipment to Cuba as part of his work as a subcontractor for the U.S. Agency for International Development. He was convicted in March 2011.

U.S. officials said Gross was merely trying to help Cubans bypass the island’s stringent restrictions on Internet access.

But Cuban authorities say Gross was part of a plot to create “a Cuban spring” and destabilize the island’s single-party communist government.

“He was sent to Cuba five times on a government mission and on a government mission that was blatantly illegal under Cuba law,” Gilbert said. “He was arrested, he was convicted, he was sentenced to 15 years in confinement, and to date, our government has done virtually nothing to obtain his release.”

Earlier this month, Gross embarked on a nine-day hunger strike after reports surfaced that after his arrest, USAID had tried to create “a Cuban Twitter” using cellphone text messaging services on the island.

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4 thoughts on “Alan Gross, American aid worker held hostage by Castro regime wants out of Cuba dead or alive

  1. What needed doing by US was clear from the start. It’s Obama’s failure, or rather, that of those who elected him.

  2. Again, Gross is a liberal Dem who actively campaigned for Obama in 2008. If this is what he can expect from Obama, WTF can people like us expect?

  3. Alan “Woe-Is-Me” Gross needs to man up and quit this constant whining. He did get paid $500,000 for taking electronic equipment to the Jewish community in Cuba, all of whom testified against him and got him convicted. He then denounced the U.S. before being sentenced in the hope of a lighter sentence, he also denounced Cuban exiles (excluding Max Lesnik and Bernardo Benes), and then he and his wife sued to U.S. government. The CNN report omitted all these facts. Gross has done three years in prison. Twelve more to go and act like a man. Mario Chanes never once whined during his 30-year political prison sentence in Cuba.

  4. Gross is not Cuban; he went to Cuba to do a job he was paid for by the US. He is not responsible for Cuba’s situation and cannot be expected to sacrifice on behalf of the Cuban people, not even Cuban Jews, who didn’t exactly come through for him. He is the responsibility of his employer, the US government, and ultimately Obama’s responsibility. The fact Obama has woefully mishandled, or failed to handle, this situation is the real problem here, and Gross is partly responsible for that because he actively worked to get Obama elected in 2008. He can blame Obama and/or himself, but the buck stops there (there’s no point blaming the Castro regime, which would be like blaming a cobra for being poisonous).

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