Breaking Castro: Castro-Communism destroying Venezuela
Venezuela, Before and After Castro-Communism

Just like drugs that destroy individuals and families, communism destroys individuals, families, and nations. And right before our very eyes we are watching Venezuela, a resource-rich nation with the largest petroleum reserves in the world, disintegrate into misery and squalor as it is ravaged by Castro-Communism.

Over the last fifteen years, this once rich and vibrant South American country with a vast potential to become an economic and social power has descended into chaos and desolation. This is all thanks to the introduction of the vile ideological drug known as Castro-Communism, the meth of political ideologies: highly addicting and highly destructive. Similar to watching methamphetamine deteriorate a healthy and vibrant individual into a sad and unrecognizable mess, Castro-communism is wasting away Venezuela into nation of misery, suffering, and squalor.

We have seen how Castro-Communism has destroyed Cuba, and now Venezuela is Breaking Castro.

This is why we are seeing news stories such as these:

Via El Universal:

Malaria cases skyrocket so far this year in Venezuela

There are 9,823 events in addition to total cases in 2013

In one week only, the events of malaria in Venezuela have risen 34.65%, reported the Epidemiology Bulletin 17 of the Ministry of Health for the week of April 20-26, 2014.

Thus far, the events of malaria in Venezuela amount to 24,958. Apparently, the occurrence of the disease will smash a record, based on additional 9,823 cases over the total amount last year at this same date.

Spanning epidemics

As opposed to several countries around the world, malaria is on the rise in Venezuela. This was verified by the World Health Organization (WHO). Based on the report released last year by the organization, the disease rate increased by 68.42%, behind all nations in the Americas and even some African countries.

Via the AFP :

Caracas to begin four months of water rationing

Caracas (AFP) – Water use in Caracas will be rationed for at least four months due to drought, authorities said Tuesday, as Venezuela grapples with shortages of basic goods which have spurred massive anti-government protests.

“We made a special water supply plan that will be released so that our people know the days they will have continuous service, night service and no service,” Environment Minister Miguel Leonardo Rodriguez told reporters.

One in every four goods including basic food, hygiene products, medicine and auto parts, however, have already become difficult to find, resulting in long, lengthy lines.

The shortages, rampant crime, inflation and other economic woes have resulted in more than two months of anti-government unrest which has left 41 people dead and more than 700 injured.

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Via Reuters:

Billions unaccounted for in Venezuela’s communal giveaway program

CATIA LA MAR, Venezuela (Reuters) – The neighborhood of El Chaparral began receiving cash from the Venezuelan government in 2005. The windfall came courtesy of the late socialist leader Hugo Chavez’s plan to fight poverty by transferring billions of dollars in oil revenue to communities around the country.

Within a year, auto mechanic Juan Freire was urging authorities to cut off El Chaparral and its sister community of Los Pinos, with a combined population of 250. The money wasn’t going to the needy, he says, and it wasn’t sowing growth. Instead, Freire alleges, leaders of the community council in this mountain suburb were using some of the cash for personal expenses and to build houses for family members. He and neighbors filed complaints with nearly a dozen state agencies seeking a halt to the transfers.

Yet the money kept rolling in: In 2008, the council received close to $1 million – equal to about $4,000 a resident.

“When we filed complaints, the responses would always be something like, ‘We’ll send some recommendations,'” said Freire, 57. “They never gave us answers.”

The unsupervised spending in El Chaparral is symptomatic of a vast community aid effort with lax financial controls. A network of more than 70,000 community groups has received the equivalent of at least $7.9 billion since 2006 from the federal agency that provides much of the financing for the program, Reuters calculates, based on official government reports.

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