Actual LGBT activists in Cuba left out of Castro regime’s LGBT conference

As with all things in Castro’s Cuba, it is all about propaganda.

Via the Washington Blade:

Cuban advocates not invited to international LGBT conference

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A group of independent Cuban advocates have sharply criticized organizers of an international LGBT conference underway in the Communist country over their decision not to invite them to the event.

The Washington Blade on Tuesday obtained a copy of a statement onto which the Cuban League Against AIDS and six other LGBT advocacy groups that are not affiliated with the country’s National Center for Sexual Education signed. CENESEX’s director, Mariela Castro Espín, daughter of Cuban President Raúl Castro, is president of the local committee that organized the sixth International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association for Latin America and the Caribbean Conference that is currently taking place in the beach resort of Varadero.

“We reject and denounce the fact that this meeting will take place with only the presence of a Cuban official and some non-governmental organizations,” reads the statement.

The groups describe the conference as a “mockery,” referring to the Cuban government’s human rights record they say includes continued harassment of independent LGBT activists from the authorities. The organizations specifically criticize both ILGALAC and Mariela Castro.

“Cuban civil society of which we are members is one that permanently denounces all these violations of human rights not acknowledged by those organizing the event,” reads their statement. “We are those who are not able to take a seat at the table of complicity that pretends to show an island where our community covers new ground.”

Ignacio Estrada Cepero, founder of the Cuban League Against AIDS, noted to the Washington Blade from Miami where he currently lives with his wife, Wendy Iriepa Díaz, a trans woman who once worked at CENESEX, that the Cuban government sent more than 25,000 gay men and others deemed unfit for military service to forced labor camps in the years following the 1959 Cuban Revolution.

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro in 2010 apologized for sending gay men to the camps known as Military Units to Aid Production or by the Spanish acronym UMAPs. Estrada told the Blade the Cuban government has yet to fully investigate them.

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4 thoughts on “Actual LGBT activists in Cuba left out of Castro regime’s LGBT conference

  1. That homophobic comic should be emailed to that Gay Che lover, but then again, he’ll probably dismiss it and bring up that that’s from the past and we must move on! [sigh]

    I’ve had arguments with LGBT lovers of the regime who have told me with a straight face [no pun intended] that the USA is more homophobic than Cuba, because of a few isolated cases of homophobia [i.e.: Matthew Shepard and, that lesbian that was also killed a few years back, the one that inspired the movie, “Big Boys Don’t Cry”]. As if government sponsored homophobia could be equated to homophobia carried out by isolated homophobes.

  2. NOBODY in Cuba gets basic human rights, regardless of sexual orientation, race or anything else. It is pointless to focus on any particular subgroup when the problem is all-encompassing and across the board. The key problem is NOT homophobia or racism or sexism but TOTALITARIANISM. Really, that’s not that hard to figure out.

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