That terrorist icon “Che” on display in New Jersey high school

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The controversial image appears to be a campaign poster promoting Ras Baraka, mayoral candidate and son of the late black radical poet and self-described “Third World Marxist-Leninist,” Amiri Baraka.

Understandably, the New Jersey Cuban Community is insulted and outraged. New Jersey resident Luis Israel Abreu, a former Cuban political prisoner and executive director of the Committee to Aid Cuban Rights Activists penned the following open letter requesting the removal of the image of Che Guevara from the lobby of Central High School in Newark.

We, Cubans and lovers of democracy in general, are very concerned about an image of the terrorist Ernesto “Che” Guevara that someone placed on the walls in the lobby of Central High School (CHS) in Newark, located at 426 18th Avenue. We think, besides the offense for all Cubans, what could be for the Jewish people if the image were that of Hitler. Students in a democratic country should not be shown such examples to be followed. Therefore, we are asking for the withdrawal of that image of terrorist Ernesto “Che” Guevara, one of the people responsible for the suffering of Cubans under a dictatorial regime for such a long time. Fifty-five years of Castro’s Communist tyranny. Even worse, it is the less than subtle endorsement of educator and Newark mayoral candidate, Mr. Ras Baraka, whose name is on the picture of “Che” Guevara with a small sentence under one of Guevara’s own phrases.

On the other hand, if you think that in a democratic country any school, especially a public one, has the right to place on its walls any image, no matter what it means ideologically, then, please, invite us to give a conference to the students of Central High School in Newark informing them who the international Communist guerilla man Ernesto “Che” Guevara really was, he who personally shot opponents to Communism in the head. We also have a documentary titled “Celebrating Life in Union” which includes testimonies of what happened to political prisoners in Castro’s jails. If the Principal of CHS in Newark would like, we could project it in the amphitheatre of the school, thus the students could have a better idea of Che Guevara’s beliefs, and how he acted according to them.

Thanking you for your kind attention, we remain,

Luis Israel Abreu
Executive Director
Committee to Aid Human Rights Activists

New Jersey, May 5, 2014

Contact info:

Mr. Ras Baraka’s campaign webpage Tel. 973-732-5477
Mr. Brad Haggerty, Superintendent for Central High School in Newark: Tel. 973-733-7334 email:
Ms. Sharnee Brown, Principal, Central High School: Tel. 973-733-6847/973-733-6897 email:
Mr. Shavar Jeffries, Ras Baraka opponent for mayor of Newark: Tel. 973-841-50174
State of New Jersey Department of Education: Tel. 877-900-6960
Honorable Luis Quintana, Mayor of Newark: (Carmen Mosca Secretary Cuban) Tel. 973-733-6400 Email:
Newark City County Clerk: Tel 973-733-3665
Senator Robert Menendez: Tel. 973-645-3030 (Maria Almeida, Secretary)
Representative Albio Sires: Tel. 201-558-0800 (Danita, Secretary)

Text on poster: No hay tales libertadores. Los pueblos se liberaran ellos mismos.
Firma Ernesto Che Guevara/There’s no such thing as liberators, the people will liberate themselves,
Signed Ernesto “Che” Guevara

La mayor parte del pueblo no quiere ser Rey ni Reina. Lo que quiere
El pueblo es libertad
Firma: Ras Baraka/Most people don’t wanna be the King or the Queen for that matter
people want freedom.
Signed: Ras Baraka



5 thoughts on “That terrorist icon “Che” on display in New Jersey high school

    • Humberto, the translation is Sr. Abreu´s not mine, and I´m sure you´re right they are laughing over the initial Spanish version. It´s sad, that the butcher gets a poster in the lobby and elderly Cuban exiled former political prisoners are disrespected. I´m sure if it was a la carta en español de la Raza, or other proper ¨lateeno¨, they´d be kissing the hand of el padrino and falling over themselves to translate, praise and accomodate.

  1. “There’s no such thing as liberators, the people will liberate themselves.” Really? So what was Che doing in Bolivia, when he wasn’t even one of “the people” there? What was he doing in Cuba before 1959? This is called talking out of both sides of your ass (not mouth, since what comes out is bullSHIT).

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