Castro Kingdom welcomes Red Bull cliff-diving event


Yes! For the stunt-hungry public can there be any setting more desirable than Castrogonia?

Of course not.

Having divers plunge into Havana harbor from Morro castle (a height of 28 meters, or about 86 feet), with the city’s crumbling skyline as a backdrop is a great way to attract attention to an otherwise obscure event.

Perhaps some sports networks will include video clips of the nearby attraction of  La Cabaña fortress, where Che carried out his innumerable executions?

So, the divers join the kayakers, paddleboarders, swimmers, cyclists, and other insensitive buffoons who use the magical setting of Castrogonia as a stage for their stunts.

Though Red Bull might be mistaken for an American product, it is really Austrian.  This explains how the company can ignore the U.S. embargo and sponsor an event in the world’s largest slave plantation.

Here is one of the five facts that Red Bull is proudly advertising in connection with this competition:

The first event this year in Cuba is a new one to the tour, and the divers will be jumping from the 425-year-old Morro Castle fortress at the entrance to Havana Bay. Its Spanish name is ‘Castillo de los Tres Reyes Magos del Morro’, named after the Three Kings from the famous Christmas story and the promontory on which the castle stands.

 For the Red Bull propaganda site go HERE.  It includes a revolting video.
Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2014 - Cuba



3 thoughts on “Castro Kingdom welcomes Red Bull cliff-diving event

  1. I hate to sound like a nag, but we, Cuban exiles, have really dropped the ball. We don’t have powerful institutions, anti-defamation leagues, think tanks, etc.. to counter this propaganda, so what happens? We have douche bags like Anthony Bourdain not only going to Cuba, but calling us intolerant, we have that dolt, Diana Nyad, constantly swimming between Cuba and the USA, and now we have Red Bull. It’s sickening.

    The tyranny goes on the offensive all of the time with these stunts, no doubt arranged at the behest of the Cuban Ministry of Tourism. What do we do? We barely react anymore. Outside of our legislators, Capitol Hill Cubans and a few blogs, we don’t do anything. Meanwhile, the regime has an enormous propaganda machinery that like an octopus has arms everywhere from the editorial boards of major international news papers, to colleges, universities and foreign embassies.

  2. The ghost of Reinaldo Arenas must be spinning. When he was imprisoned in El Moro, back when it was a jail and not a tourist site, Reinaldo witnessed a fellow prisoner jumping to his “freedom” from the roof of the castle. The guards picked his body up from the dogs teeth rocks at the shore, a few days later.

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