Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: A time of truth for the Venezuelan opposition

Via Venezuela News & Views:

A time of truth for the Venezuelan opposition think that today will mark a watershed in the ability of the Venezuelan opposition to keep a united front against the regime. Two things happened that force us to look dispassionately at what the hell is going on inside.

We will start by how the day started, with the regime dislodging a few tents set in some squares, a little bit like our own version of “Occupy Wall Street”.  As expected the regime even “found” dollars inside those tents, as if anyone in Venezuela would be foolish enough to keep dollars with them in the street. Or does the top cop, Rodriguez Torres, ignore the crime curse over our country that he is absolutely unable/unwilling to stem? So, once again, there goes the credibility of the regime, though it is possible that some recreational drugs may have been present. Sue me Coloraddy!

I would like to note, by the way, that foreign press coverage of the day, which of course included violent protests and further repression and the death of a cop, shows that some media are not evolving at all whatsoever. For example, reading the BBC report, unsigned, you would almost feel sorry for Maduro et al, wondering about those poor cops so exposed to deadly fire. Then again the UK is in electoral mood and the BBC journos are probably rehearsing ways to support Labour. On the other hand at the NYT Neuman is making some progress and gets the right title, putting the focus where it belongs, on the 243 uncalled for arrests which certainly were enough provocation to send a trigger happy gun owner into paroxysm.  But I digress.

The protest, if the camping stations removal was not enough, benefited from gas on fire by a new postponement of Leopoldo Lopez hearing. After two months in jail, the guy still does not know exactly what he is charged for, what evidence is there of so heinous a crime that all judicial procedure are violated so he can remain in jail. But that, you do not read as much in the press, and not much from the MUD folks. But then again that brings us to the second item worth of notice today, someone in the MUD asking the US not to put sanctions on members of the regime accused of Human Rights violations.

The occasion came at a US Senate hearing where under secretary Roberta Jacobson was, well, not stellar.  Among an unwillingness by the US to commit to anything, she also blurted, refusing to give names, that some people inside the MUD asked her not to push for sanctions that this may wreck the dialogue between the MUD and the regime. Or something to that effect, I cannot find yet the exact wording or transcript, but the AP account is good enough for now. And there is also that video dubbed in Spanish where after minute 3:30 you hear that Senator Menendez is dubious of Jacobson.

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