Another Medicare fraud arrest in Miami: Suspects laundered $240 million through Castro’s banks in Cuba

Although the connection between Medicare fraud in the U.S. and Cuba’s criminal Castro dictatorship is extensive and well documented, the majority of Americans have no idea it exists. For the most part, Americans are completely oblivious to the hundreds of millions of American taxpayer dollars that have been stolen and then funneled into the banks owned by the Castro crime family in Cuba. Of course, most everyone in the U.S. has heard of Medicare fraud. The problem is that few in the news media have bothered to tell them that Cuba’s Castro regime is involved in a large part of that fraud.

It is bad enough that the American news media has largely ignored a rogue foreign government fleecing the American taxpayer, but to make matters worse, they go out of their way to portray Cuba’s criminal and totalitarian Castro crime family as a benevolent regime. Most if not all of the news you will read about Cuba from the major news organizations in the U.S. is all about the so-called reforms taking place on the island and the Castro regime’s attempts at mending relations with the U.S. With such political cover, it is no wonder the Castro crime family has been able to steal hundreds of millions of dollars from you and me.

Via The Miami Herald:

New arrest in case of money laundering to Cuba

A case that started out alleging $70 million in Medicare fraud now puts the figure at nearly $240 million.

 Jorge Emilio Perez de Morales.
Jorge Emilio Perez de Morales.

A Miami man has been arrested in an unprecedented money-laundering case that alleges some part of $238 million gained from Medicare fraud was secretly pumped into the Cuban banking system.

Eduardo Perez de Morales, 26, was arrested by FBI agents Monday on one charge of conspiring with his fugitive brother, Jorge Emilio Perez de Morales, who owned an offshore remittance company, Caribbean Transfers.

The company is suspected of bankrolling a Florida check-cashing business that prosecutors say cashed checks for Medicare fraud offenders and transferred the dirty dollars through Canada to Cuba.

Jorge Emilio Perez de Morales, who owns a seaside home in Havana, is wanted by the FBI and was last reported to be living in Cuba. Charged in 2012, he also could be in the Dominican Republic, Mexico or Spain, authorities said.

The revised indictment now charging his brother alleges that as much as $238 million in stolen Medicare proceeds were laundered in the scheme, but it does not say how much was believed to have ended up in Cuba’s national bank. The indictment further alleges that the Perez brothers laundered some of those dollars through Caribbean Transfers’ bank accounts in Canada and other locations.

The initial indictment, which made national headlines, alleged that $70 million in tainted Medicare profits were laundered by 70 healthcare operators through the Naples check-cashing business of Oscar L. Sanchez, who has pleaded guilty and is serving a 4 ½-year prison sentence.

Prosecutor Ron Davidson has alleged that about half of that amount was transferred through Canada into Cuba, and described Caribbean Transfers as a sort of offshore Western Union. The company, which closed its doors in 2012, claimed it specialized in remittances to Cuba, the Dominican Republic and other countries.

Caribbean Transfers, meanwhile, has claimed that it did nothing wrong but acknowledged that money from the Medicare fraud had “contaminated” its legitimate remittances to the island.

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