Another Twilight Zone moment in news from Castrogonia


What the #@!%* ????

Imagine a world where trade unions and strikes are illegal and lawyers are totally powerless in any court.

Imagine a lawyer for trade unions from Tennessee being honored in that world for her work.

Imagine that honor being reported by some journalist in Tennessee who knows nothing about that world.

Imagine someone who has lived in that world trying to make sense of that report.

All this imagining cannot really get you there…not really… not to that world beyond imagination, beyond reason and predictability, that world beyond rules of logic, even beyond the laws of physics and time and space, where all Rubik’s Cubes are spheres, time moves backwards, and children give birth to their parents.

Welcome… You have now crossed over to the Twilight Zone, again.  Welcome to the twisted world of news from Castrogonia.

Welcome the the black hole of American ignorance and Cuban exile despair.

Murfreesboro attorney Joan Hill

From The Daily News Journal, Murfreesboro

Local attorney, labor activist honored in Cuba

Joan Hill of Murfreesboro, an attorney and representative for the United Steelworkers International Union, Education Department, was recently honored by the Congreso de Trabajadores de Cuba, for her years of dedication to the rights of workers and trade unions in that country, states a press release from Hill.

Hill was one of three veterans of the exchanges (Dean Hubbard of Washington D.C. and Mark Schneider of Plattsburgh, N.Y.) formally recognized by the Cuban trade union movement’s central body for “your solidarity with the people and the trade union movement, your valiant support over more than 15 years in combating media policies against Cuba, and in divulging the reality of Cuban workers and unions.”

Participating in her 13 delegation to Cuba with other trade unionists, lawyers and neutrals, Hill was given recognition by CTC Secretary General Ulises Guilarte De Nacimiento, who had just recently been elected to head the national trade unions. In 2012 she was made an honorary member of the Cuban Union of Jurists, their equivalent of a bar association.

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