Frontpage Magazine features Babalusian Book-event to be held at?…YES! A Hotel in California!(So WELCOME!)

Don Henley and Glenn Frey ‘gettin a bit annoyed at all this tacky self-promotion at the expense of their song!

Jamie usually interviews more famous and attractive guests–but he made an exception for Babalu blog:

From today’s interview by Frontpage Magazine’s Jamie Glazov:

Frontpage Magazine: So what story does The Longest Romance tell and how is it different from other books on the subject?

Fontova: Well, to begin with, there are no other books precisely on this subject. Yes, biographies on Fidel Castro and Che Guevara abound, but most have been written – to some extent or the other — in collaboration with the regime or using leftist or communist renegade critics of the regime as primary sources. As if the only acceptable histories of the Russian Revolution and Bolshevism should be written by Trotskyites or Mensheviks. Of course these sources have important material to contribute — but they also have much to hide, namely their own responsibility for the disaster.

In my books, I make it point to include the accounts of people who had Castro and Che’s number from day one. Amazingly, these invaluable sources are habitually shunned. For instance, I wonder how many people realize that the CIA, in collaboration with some of Cuba’s aristocracy, had a major role in helping Castro and Che into power?

Frontpage: How do you explain the complicity of major U.S. media players in spreading Castro’s propaganda? Can you name some of the major accomplices?

Fontova: There’s a “coolness” and “hipster” cachet that hovers around the leaders of the Cuban Revolution that simply will not dissipate, despite a half century of Stalinist crimes.

“They saw in him (Castro) the hipster who in the era of the Organization Man had joyfully defied the system,” wrote President Kennedy’s adviser Arthur Schlesinger Jr back in 1961.

In fact, the brain-shackled robot the Castro brothers and Che Guevara tried to create with their firing squads, forced labor camps and Stalinist indoctrination makes the Eisenhower era’s Organization Man look like a combination of Jimmy Hendrix and Jack Kerouac.

For close to a decade, over half of what Americans have read about Cuba in the mainstream media has been doctored by Castro-regime “agents-of-influence” working in concert with the Castro regime’s Intelligence service. To wit: among the mainstreams media’s favorite sources on Cuban matters are The Council on Foreign Relations’ Julia Sweig, and the Cuban Research Center’s Phil Peters.

Well, in my book the Defense Intelligence Agency’s top Cuba spycatcher Lieut. Col. Chris Simmons identifies Ms Sweig as a Cuban “agent of influence.” In the very acknowledgements to her book, Ms Sweig thanks the “warm friendship” and “support” of six different Cuban spies and terrorists–three of whom were expelled from the U.S. for terrorism and/or espionage!

My book also includes a court discovery document showing how Phil Peters long received under-the-table payments from one of Castro’s biggest Canadian business partners!

A rising star as “Cuba expert” among the major media is Denver University scholar Arturo Lopez-Levy. In fact my book discloses that his real name is Arturo Lopez-Callejas, a former Cuban intelligence analyst, who is also Raul Castro’s nephew–in-law!

Nobody would guess any of the above from reading the bios or intros to these Cuba “experts “as run by the New York Times of NPR.

Entire interview courtesy of our friends at Frontpage Magazine here.