Revelations on Fidel’s lifestyle come 55 years too late….

Como dijo Luis XIV:  L’état, c’est moi (yo soy el estado)

Surprise!  Shocking!  Escandaloso!

King Fidel hasn’t lived the Revolutionary egalitarian lifestyle he forced on all of his subjects.

I suppose it must be a surprise to readers of the British newspaper The Guardian, a leftist publication.

No surprise to most Cubans, whether in exile or still on the island.

But why pick on poor Louis XV as an ultimate reference point for lavish lifestyles?  After all, it was his predecessor and great-grandfather Louis XIV who built Versailles.

Louis XV merely inherited his lifestyle.  Like all of Fidel’s progeny — who  live like princes and princesses — he was a victim of his own royal lineage.

And… another complaint: why did this piece of news emerge now, when it has been common knowledge for so long among Cubans?

And…a question: What would be the just penalty for all those who served at Fidel’s court and protected him, including this former bodyguard who just revealed “secrets” concerning the king?

Surely, they all bear the stain of a gross sin of omission: neglecting to commit regicide.

No me echen la culpa de nada…Todo lo que disfruto me lo ha regalado el pueblo

Fidel Castro lived like a king in Cuba, book claims

Former bodyguard Juan Reinaldo Sánchez writes that leader ran country like a cross between medieval overlord and Louis XV

Fidel Castro lived like a king with his own private yacht, a luxury Caribbean island getaway complete with dolphins and a turtle farm, and travelled with two personal blood donors, a new book claims.

In La Vie Cachée de Fidel Castro (Fidel Castro’s Hidden Life), former bodyguard Juan Reinaldo Sánchez, a member of Castro’s elite inner circle, says the Cuban leader ran the country as his personal fiefdom like a cross between a medieval overlord and Louis XV.

Sánchez, who was part of Castro’s praetorian guard for 17 years, describes a charismatic and intelligent but manipulative, cold-blooded, egocentric Castro prone to foot-stamping temper tantrums. He claims the vast majority of Cubans were unaware their leader enjoyed a lifestyle beyond the dreams of many Cubans and at odds with the sacrifices he demanded of them.

“Contrary to what he has always said, Fidel has never renounced capitalist comforts or chosen to live in austerity. Au contraire, his mode de vie is that of a capitalist without any kind of limit,” he writes. “He has never considered that he is obliged by his speech to follow the austere lifestyle of a good revolutionary.”

Austeridad revolucionaria para mi?  Carajo…No me jodan…. Que asco!

Sánchez claims he suffered Castro’s ruthlessness first hand when he fell out of favour, was branded a traitor, “thrown in jail like a dog”, tortured and left in a cockroach infested cell, after asking to retire. Released from prison, Sánchez followed the well-worn route of Cuban exiles to America in 2008. “Until the turn in the 1990s I’d never asked too many questions about the workings of the system … that’s the problem with military people … as a good soldier, I did my job and my best and that was enough to make me happy,” he writes.

Continue reading this shocking exposé  HERE.

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Y como dijo el Emperador Carlos V: Plus Ultra! (Mas y Siempre Mas!)



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