Physical Violence in Cuba Announces Itself With Words

Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo in Sampsonia Way:

Physical Violence in Cuba Announces Itself With Words

Recycled accusations of treason against activists and journalists

Cuban propaganda

The current avalanche of media violence in Cuba will soon cause a physical avalanche. The regime’s handwriting, made public via the savage beasts of its press organizations, is an omen of the wave of repression to come. Let it be known that Castroism has never done anything for the enjoyment of it. The government’s only purpose is to be wicked.

At the root of this impending repression is a new “conspiranoid” equation that the Cuban regime has started to devise. Its variables are nothing new: Washington D.C., international funding to support democracy, supposed terrorists who travel from Miami to Havana to overthrow the Revolution (and are only discovered at the very last minute), and peaceful protesters who make use of alternative methods of communication as they travel in and out of Washington. It’s a never-ending cycle of criminal claustrophobia.

But it’s not the first time this has happened. The same unjust accusations were made in 2003 before the Black Spring (against the “convenient” backdrop of the international intervention in Iraq) when State Security agents who had infiltrated Cuban dissident groups organized events involving North American diplomats in Havana. Ultimately, those events were used as evidence of imaginary crimes. Said “crimes” led to a total of 75 sentences of up to 28 years in jail for several freelance journalists and almost all the leaders of Project Varela , with the exception of Project Varela’s founder, Oswaldo Payá (who was suspected of “being part of the machine” after the release of a malevolent rumor shortly thereafter).

Thus the regime defamed all of Cuba’s opposition leaders. They blackmailed them over family matters and pressured them with malicious rumors and secrets regarding sexual activities. The regime’s audacity was disgusting. It saddens me that future Cubans will have to remember not only that period, but this current one as well. However, despite the injustice, this era was also one of honor and courage, since almost none of the accused gave in to the despotic pressures of an absolute power that has never been elected by the Cuban people.

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