U.S. Chamber of Commerce president meets with expelled spy in Cuba, claims Castro regime has no influence over visit

In the article below where U.S. Chamber of Commerce president Thomas Donohue defends his visit to Cuba’s slave plantation, a photograph shows him meeting with the apartheid Castro dictatorship’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez and none other than expelled Castro spy, Josefina Vidal. As most of you surely remember, Ms. Vidal is a Cuban intelligence agent who was stationed at the Cuban Interests Section in Washington D.C. before being kicked out of the United States in 2003 for espionage.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Nevertheless, while being surrounded and led by the nose by high-ranking Castro regime officials and intelligence agents during his visit to the island, Mr. Donohue wants us to believe he is getting a “fair look” at Cuba. His preposterous claim is just as ridiculous and disturbing as his claim that Cuba is undergoing business-friendly economic reforms. But after committing himself and the Chamber to the Castro dictatorship, Donohue has little choice other than to make these absurdly outrageous statements. To deviate even one smidgen from the Cuban regime’s talking points or even approach the truth would be considered a serious breach of the contract he has apparently entered into with the Castro dictatorship, which expects and demands complete loyalty and submission from its business partners.

Via Reuters:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce chief defends visit to Cuba

U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and Chief Executive Officer Thomas Donohue (L), Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez (C) and Cuba’s Director of U.S. Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Josefina Vidal attend a meeting in Havana May 27, 2014.

(Reuters) – The head of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce defended his visit to Cuba on Wednesday after coming under fire from critics in the U.S. Congress who contend the trip is a publicity coup for the communist government.

Chamber President Thomas Donohue said his agenda was unhindered by the Cuban authorities and he was confident he was getting a “fair look” at Cuba, after which the influential lobbying group would report its findings to its “friends” in the United States.

Donohue, a champion of capitalism and free enterprise, has long opposed U.S. economic sanctions against the communist-ruled island, seeing them as an impediment to U.S. business interests.

He and small group of U.S. business leaders are in the middle of a three-day visit, in part to support the market-oriented reforms enacted by President Raúl Castro that have created a fledgling private sector.

“I’ve been free to go where I want. I’m talking to people from the private and the public sector,” Donohue told reporters while visiting a private cooperative emblematic of the reforms. “We’re going to meet with small businesses. We’re meeting with people from other countries that are operating here. I think we’ll get a fair look and we’re enjoying ourselves.”

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