Castrogonian news flash: smuggler caught with 66 birds in his pants

Cuban Grassquit

Google “CubaNews” and the first thing you will notice is the dearth of real news.

Most of the “news” that make it to the internet are packaged by the Ministry of Truth in Havana, either directly, in their web sites, or indirectly, through the world’s news media, who simply pick up on the stories fed to them by the Ministry.  Some simply pass on the packaged news verbatim.  Others write their own versions. (AP, Reuters, AFP, CNN are the worst offenders).

Every now and then, you will find something totally bizarre fed to the outside world by the Ministry.

My two questions regarding the story below:

1. did the birds say “pio pio” in Spanish or “tweet tweet” in English?

2. is it possible that the smuggler was simply following the instructions for a vasectomy given to him by  Castrogonia’s ultra-advanced doctors ?

From Juventud Rebelde via ENCA (Africa):

Cuban birds blow the whistle on would-be smuggler

HAVANA – Airport officials in Cuba arrested a passenger attempting to leave the island with scores of native birds hidden inside his trousers.

The detained man, described only as a “resident of the United States” tried to smuggle 66 Cuban Grassquits inside his “low slung” pants, the Juventud Rebelde newspaper reported.

The daily wrote that the man’s bulky attire drew the attention of customs officials, leading to his arrest.

The incident occurred last month at the international airport in the city of Camaguey, some 530 kilometres east of Havana, Juventud Rebelde wrote.

The Cuban Grassquit is a small bird with a short beak, with brown and olive green plumage, with black and yellow around the face and throat.

The bird, whose biological name is Tiaris canorus, is not considered to be at risk of extinction but nevertheless is protected under Cuban law.