Airlines cry foul over Venezuelan Castronoid behavior

Shocked, shocked!!!!

You have to admit, this is prize-worthy behavior on the part of Caracastan.

Worthy of an A plus, and graduation summa cum laude in the School of Not Playing By The Rules.

They have not just learned the lessons taught to them by Castronoid Cubans, but actually outperformed their tutors.

Venezuela has been withholding funds from all airlines that service the country.  How do they do it?   The money paid by passengers has to go into a government account.  Then that account never dispenses the funds to the airlines.

All told, they have siphoned over 4 billion dollars in this way.  And the airlines are now waking up and demanding their money.

Officials in Caracastan have offered to pay a very small fraction of the money owed, and to do so in installments, over several years.

In the meantime, they are demanding that the airlines keep flying in and out of their country under the same arrangement, with the money from the passengers being funneled through a government account that never pays out.

The International Air Transport Association is shocked, shocked by this Castronoid behavior!

…. And in Caracastan, the negotiators are shocked, shocked that the IATA is crying foul!

Naturally, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is NOT paying attention to this little detail as seeks to strike business deals with Castrogonia.


From El Universal

Venezuela “willfully irresponsible” in its treatment of airlines

“The Venezuelan government takes the top prize for willful irresponsibility,” an officer for the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said

Venezuela is being “willfully irresponsible” in its treatment of airlines that have more than USD 4 billion in revenue trapped in the country, a leading industry body said on Tuesday.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) stressed that the government’s proposals have been unsatisfactory.

“Airlines are being expected to accept a significant discount (…) plus payment would be staged over several years,” IATA Director General Tony Tyler said in a meeting with more than 200 airline executives, Reuters informed.

Reduction of flights to Venezuela, smaller aircrafts, and suspension of operations are some of the actions taken by airlines, accordingly.

“You can’t expect airlines to provide a service if they can’t get paid for it. So our call to the Venezuelan government is to play by the rules,” Tyler noted.

Say "adios" to your money, comemierdas.....
Say “adios” to your money, comemierdas…..



2 thoughts on “Airlines cry foul over Venezuelan Castronoid behavior

  1. outperformed their tutors, they have.

    brilliantly wicked. if airlines won’t fly in and out of Venezuela, they will essentially have control over those who want to scape their growing police state without the ugly castro communist “exit visa” and they can just blame the evil capitalist airlines that are only interested in making an obscene profit. Venezuela isn’t island and folks can scape across the borders, but air travel could become a luxury only bestowed ton the chosen on an airline controlled by the ruling class…and they steal $4 billion to boot.

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