Hideous Heresy on Alan Gross (the very notion of a “Cuban Jewish community” is a classic Castro regime-scam)


In brief: “President” of Havana’s “Jewish Community House” Adela Dworin serves the same purpose for the Castro Dynasty with respect to foreign Jews as “Cardinal” Jaime Ortega serves with another religious group–or more properly: with the duped sectors of these groups who imagine a Stalinist regime allowing genuine religious freedom (and of course with the scheming Castroite scoundrels who sponsor and encourage these duped sectors.)

To add grotesque insult to Alan Gross’ injury, the very people he was attempting to help, “testified” against him in Castro’s kangaroo court almost en masse. You have to be very careful when entering a snake pit like Castro’s Cuba.

Alan Gross’ heart seemed in the right place, but the wisdom of his Cuban mission can be debated. The people he was trying to help—the few Jews who remained in Castro’s Cuba after over 90 per cent fled the communist revolution—were mostly old Bolsheviks who couldn’t bring themselves to break with the old time religion. As mentioned, they and their descendants did their duty to the Castro regime by ratting out Alan Gross during judicial procedures perfectly mimicking those presided over by Andrei Vishinsky during The Great Terror’s show trials.

“Et Tu Adela?” might have been gasped by the hapless Alan Gross during his trial. But we don’t know because his “trial” was closed to the (uncomplaining) press –from CNN to ABC from NBC to CBS from NPR to PBS– who infest Cuba. After all, these “gallant crusades for the truth!” (as Columbia school of Journalism hails it’s graduates) have plenty on their Cuban plates already, what with the vital tasks of transcribing the Stalinist regime’s steady flow of propaganda hand-outs and reporting such bombshell scoops as what Beyonce and Jay-Z wore on their Havana visit.

“Adela” refers to Castroite apparatchik Adela Dworin, who performs as president of Havana’s “Jewish Community House” for gullible tourists and “cultural exchange” ambassadors to the Castro family fiefdom. Later, as a proper cap for the revolting Stalinesque charade, Adela Dworin visited Gross in his cell and posed smilingly with her arm around the gaunt but bitterly smiling American hostage she swindled, framed and helped condemn to fifteen years in a KGB-designed dungeon.

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